Ah Muzen Cab

Ah Muzen Cab

Title: God of Bees

Type: Ranged, Physical

Roles: Hunter

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: B

Pros: High Movement Speed, High Attack Speed

Ah Muzen Cab Guide

Ah Muzen Cab, also known as AMC, is a basic attack-focused hunter that relies on his hive passive and poke damage to gain an advantage in lane. His honey provides sustain and zoning potential, allowing him to bully most opponents in the early game.

As AMC, focus on clearing wave ASAP so you can look to harass the enemy hunter with your honey and swarm. Try to hit them with the honey as much as possible, since the damage over time will force them to back off and miss farm. AMC’s hives also provide movement speed, attack speed, and HP5, so keep 3 hives up at all times for the buffs. Place hives in key spots around objectives like Gold Fury and Fire Giant to gain vision and control of the area.

AMC works best in the duo lane as the hunter, but can flex to mid if needed. He pairs well with aggressive supports who can lock down kills, such as guardians like Ares, Bacchus or Xing Tian. AMC lacks an escape, so exercise caution about positioning in team fights and don’t overextend without vision. Focus on poking from the backline and saving your ultimate, Stinger, to execute low enemies or peel for your allies.

As for relics, go Purification Beads and Aegis Amulet every game. Beads will save you from crowd control that would otherwise lead to your death, while Aegis can block huge bursts of damage when timed well. In team fights, drop hives preemptively in the jungle so you have an escape path. AMC’s lack of mobility is his biggest downfall, so intelligent positioning and relic usage is crucial.

When sieging objectives, use your honey to zone enemies from contesting the objective. The damage over time will deter most players from walking through it. Your swarm also slows, so land it on key targets to allow your team to dive onto them. Your ultimate, Stinger, deals tons of damage, so look for opportunities to execute low health enemies or burst down squishy mages/hunters.

Overall, AMC relies on dominating lane to gain a lead, then grouping with his team to siege objectives and push for kills. His lack of mobility means smart positioning and vision control is key. Make the most of his strong early game and zoning potential to give your team a lead, then play safe in the late game, poking from max range and using relics/hives to avoid being caught out. With the right build and playstyle, AMC can be a menace to deal with.

In Joust, AMC plays very similarly. Clear wave and look to poke out your opponents with honey and swarm while placing hives near the buff camps and objectives to gain control. Be very careful about overextending, as the narrow jungle paths mean you have little room to escape ganks. In Arena, focus on clearing wave then grouping with your team to poke and burst down enemies. Drop hives near the buff camps for the speed and attack speed buff, allowing you to quickly rotate and chase kills.

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