Title: The Sly Messenger

Type: Melee, Physical

Roles: Assassin

On Free Rotation: No

Latest God: No

GTL Tier®: A

Pros: Great Jungler, High Mobility

Ratatoskr Guide

Ratatoskr is a lethal jungler who excels in the early game. Begin with your Summon Flurry ability to clear camps, then look to gank lanes at level 2 or 3 when most laners are still level 1 or 2. Rat has high base damage and mobility, allowing you to ambush enemies, unleash your kit and get a quick kill before they can react. Frequent ganking will maintain pressure and allow your team to control the map.

Ratatoskr works best in the jungle role. He can solo but struggles against many warriors and guardians. In the jungle, build burst and movement items. Items like crusher, hydras, heartseeker and jotunn’s provide damage, while relic dagger and winged blade provide CDR and movement speed for ganks. For relics, blink and shell/thorns are good choices. Blink allows ambushing enemies, while shell/thorns provide protections for tower diving.

Rat’s abilities revolve around hit and run tactics and mobility. His 1 is your main clear and damage, use whenever possible on enemies and camps. The 2 provides an acorn spike for burst, while the 3 is your mobility and escape. The ult is mostly used for chase or escaping sticky situations. To optimize, land your 1, drop the 2 for burst, then 3 through enemies to pull the acorn with you for extra spike damage.

In team fights, Rat eliminates squishy damage dealers as quickly as possible. Look for opportunities to dive the backline with your 3, unload your 1 and 2, then 3 out again. Repeat until the squishies are dead. Your mobility makes you hard to lock down, so dive frequently. If focused, 2 the closest enemy and 3 away until their attention shifts. Rat excels at disruption and chaos.

Overall, Ratatoskr functions as an early pressure jungler who dominates the early game with ganks and mobility. Build for burst and CDR, target squishy enemies, dive and poke frequently in team fights while moving too quickly to be caught. Get an early lead through kills and assists, then protect your damage dealers in the late game and look for more opportunities to pick off enemies. A fast furball whirling through the trees and annihilating enemies before darting away into the forest again.

Ratatoskr relies on constant movement and repositioning to maximize effectiveness while avoiding danger. His abilities are designed to deal damage in quick bursts, then get away to safety in order to do it all over again. Build items that increase your damage output and mobility, allowing you to zip through trees and take out enemies before they have a chance to lock you down. Target squishy damage dealers and eliminate them as fast as possible in team fights. Ratatoskr requires patience and precision to master, but in the right hands and with the proper build, can dominate the battlefield.

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