Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm is currently deep in its first season for 2019. For all you Deckard Cain players out there, here is a quick guide to keep you each in front of the pack this season. A billion dollar industry, MOBA games have taken over the gaming world. From SMITE to League of Legends, players have been banding together to dish it out in battle arenas for years. Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes of the Storm is a prime example. Thriving with thousands and thousands of players, Heroes of the Storm offers a unique spin on the MOBA genre. Within the game, players can take control of some of the most memorable characters from Blizzard Entertainment’s several franchises. Heroes within the game hail from Overwatch, Diablo and several other franchises. One of the game’s most popular heroes at the moment is Deckard Cain. Native to the Diablo franchise, Deckard Cain…