Creeper World


Creeper World 4 is the latest installment in a long running series by Knuckle Cracker. It takes the traditionally “2D” top down fluid simulation and turns it into 3D which is actually pretty nice. I absolutely love the game and think it’s an improvement kind of over CW3, but that’s not what we are here for. We are here for tips! Let’s begin. Tips & Tricks Mini-Walkthrough Each of the main worlds is effectively a tutorial for the main units in the game. There’s a few additional units that you can use in custom maps (along with custom units themselves), but essentially each map is an introduction to a new tool. Each map also, surprisingly, plays out the same. One of the bigger tips is to consider the TERP more often as a great solution in stopping creeper or forcing it into choke points. While it’s slow to raise or…