Expansion Pass


The answer is a resounding: of course, it’s up to you to answer is Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack worth it. It’s an objective answer because there’s a few things in play with the question: do you play Animal Crossing or not? If you do, then it’s obviously very much worth it. If you don’t, then well… we dive deeper into that below. Prices validated as of 2023. Since this is a personal decision, let’s start with facts before we share opinion: Price The price boils down to the below: Nintendo Switch OnlineExpansion Pack1 Month: $3.993 Month: $7.9912 Month: $19.99Family (12 Months, 8 Accounts): $34.9912 Months: $49.99$30 increaseFamily Membership (12 Months, 8 Accounts): $79.99$40 increaseComparison between Nintendo Switch Online and the Expansion Pack Features Nintendo Switch OnlineExpansion PackOnline PlayNES & Super NES Game LibraryCloud Game SavesSmartphone AppVoice in Multiplayer (via App)Special Offers (free items in some games)Ability to purchase…