Moving Out


The wacky moving simulator Moving Out was a hit, so naturally the devs at SMG Studio cooked up a bigger, better, and even more chaotic sequel. Moving Out 2 takes the ridiculous physics-based gameplay we loved from the original and turns everything up to 11, delivering double the content and a whole lot more over-the-top action. To put it simply if you’re looking for something like Moving Out or Overcooked, then you need to get Moving Out 2. The improvements to the game are well worth the cost. It can get repetitive yes and some of the later levels are eh, but Moving Out 2 is 2023’s best cooperative game released so far this year. In a genre that needs more, it delivers. Massive improvement as well to Moving Out 1! What was to me at least an already great game has gotten better. Let’s check out some high-level reasons…