Super Soaker


Fortnite has taken over our world as we know it. It is everywhere surrounding us, you cannot escape it. It is infiltrating pop culture and every household you can imagine. If you are a male between the ages of 5 and 55, chances are you have played Fortnite. Even grandparents know about the Fortnite phenomenon. Kids these days are obsessed with this game, and Epic Games is capitalizing on it. One of the recent power moves is the release of Fortnite Nerf Blasters and Super Soakers, and I’m going to rank my top 5 right here, right now. Keep an eye out for these toys in a neighborhood near you. Honorable Mention: TS-R Super Soaker Water Blaster Pump Action This Super Soaker is based on the shotgun in the game. Expect to have short to mid-range with this weapon. It holds a liter of water and has pump-soakage with a…