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We’ve put together a video guide on how to use auto-supply and, for those who just want to get the details, go into a full description below. We’ll start with our video guide and then if you’d like the text version, we’ve got that supplied beneath. Auto-Supply saves you A LOT of fish in Dave the Diver and isn’t called out all that well in the game. Let’s dig into how to run Bancho Sushi like a pro: https://youtu.be/0jOpzpJdFxY Dave the Diver – Auto Resupply Guide | Gaming Tier List Auto-Supply Guide The way Bancho Sushi works in Dave the Diver is that the two prep chefs prepare all the meals for Bancho to cook. As meals are ordered, Bancho cooks them. The number of meals selected is how many meals the cooks will work on and prepare. It seems like the game wants you to set out the exact…