Dave the Diver – Unlocking Cucumbers and Special Events Guide

In Dave the Diver you actually don’t get cucumbers until fairly late in the game. You may have even noticed in one of the hotfixes shortly after launch that it wouldn’t give you the cucumber event unless you had the farm unlocked. That’s because the events generally cycle in a rotation and you could, in theory, not have done the farmer’s quest by that time. The only actual quest VIP that you have to do for the story is none of them? I think, actually yeah, you don’t have to catch the seahorses to get enough town popularity. So really, you could play forever and never unlock the farm.

Not only do you not get cucumbers until fairly late in the game, but there are special events that occur. We’ve got the details and the general rotation they follow below along with how do you get cucumbers on your farm.

Special Events in Dave the Diver

Special events go in the following order and loop. They will pause until you unlock the farm or skip the cucumbers entirely, depending on the version you have, if you don’t have the farm unlocked.

Each type of fish below will sell for double the normal price on the night of the event. The entire Bancho Sushi will have fireworks in the background for the fish. If a quest interrupts a special event night, then it will occur the next day. That means you’ll get one additional day of the bonus fish in the sea.

  • Jellyfish: This is any jellyfish in the Blue Hole. They all count and there is going to be a lot more than at night. This is one of those times you might want to wait until this event is over to go into the water.
  • Tuna: Tuna unlocks the net bombs that Cobra will sell. To catch tuna you have to figure out what their path is and set one of the nets out.
  • Marlins: Marlins unlock the underwater drone. This is where that little popup in the game would come up if you somehow netted a bigger fish but couldn’t do anything. Now when you defeat a big fish, it’ll give you the option to bring it up via net. This gives you a lot more of the fish’s flesh than taking the flesh underwater.
  • Cucumber: This unlocks the cucumber on the farm, which gives you some really quality vegetable recipes.
  • Curry: This event makes curry more abundant in crates.
  • Shrimp: Shrimp are far more abundant and are fast to catch with the net.

Events Video Guide

The final note is that events repeat. After shrimp you’ll roll back around to Jellyfish night. If you don’t make the folks happy for the event, nothing happens. Dave the Diver is a chill game where bad things don’t happen.

If you’re curious what an event invite looks like and how they work, we’ve prepared a video guide below, including the cucumber quest:

Dave the Diver Special Events & Unlocking Cucumber | Gaming Tier List – YouTube

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