Powerleveling Solo in Helldiver’s 2

Get those levels fast, for democracy!

Are you new to Helldiver’s 2 and want to powerlevel 10 for the autocannon? Are you level 10 and looking to rush to level 15 for all the goodies you get between 10 and 15? This guide is absolutely for you. We’re going to break down and show you how to quickly grind 200 XP and 900 Requisition (along with 1-4 samples) every 3-4 minutes.

You can start this as soon as level 1 and it’s viable all the way to roughly level twenty, when the rewards for your time just don’t make as much of a dent as they used to. This is the perfect way to sneak in some Helldiver’s 2 while also advancing your character. It’s also so very simple. We’ll go over the three key maps that’ll get you XP and requisition FAST.

Trivial – Propaganda Broadcast

For this map you’ve got a few options. The first is you land at extraction and either bring a mortar turret, an autocannon or hope that an expendable anti-tank is at extraction. From here you simply drop the mortar turret close to the installation (while still staying pretty much at extraction), fire the autocannon at the tower or the expendable anti-tank (which frequently spawns).

Once you drop, do your stratagems and fire, you should be at about 40 seconds. You can then call extraction in, wait two minutes (putting down turrets and dealing with a few minor waves, if any waves at all), then extract. Samples will litter the extraction point, usually up to four and you’ll get ~210XP and 900 Requisition for about 3:30 minutes of time, 5 minutes if you count loading.

If you are level one, you can use your orbital and throw at the tower and run or ‘nade the tower, both are effective and only add roughly ~30 seconds to the run.

I’ve found a mortar turret will often take the tower down too as it fires on the bugs/bots inside.

These maps are the best to powerlevel with by far.

powerleveling via propaganda towers in helldiver's 2

Trivial – Brood Commander

This one is really fast and easy, it’s about a minute longer than propaganda broadcast, but it’s very fast. Drop between extraction and the target. Drop a mortar turret and it’ll likely take care of the commander while you finish calling your other stratagems down. Otherwise, you can orbital the commander or just take it out the normal way. It’s only roughly a minute to find and dispose of the big bug and then you can safely make it to extraction.

You’ll get about ~180 XP and 900 Requisition from this run. You’ll always spend a smidge more time finding the commander and dispatching it.

Trivial – Raise the Flag

This one takes a minute longer than the others because you’ve got to stand by the flag, which can really reduce your time here. You’ll want to just drop in, put down whatever turrets you have and call the flag asap. Stand beside it, then make your way to extraction. This one is going to give about ~120 XP and the 900 Requisition. It’s not as efficient.

XP is similar to destroying bot factory missions as well, due to having to actually get a bit closer to them in order to achieve it.

Easy – Retrive the Escape Pod Data

A bit more XP is available on easy if you’re willing to do a bit more work. These are really easy, you land on the escape pod, complete the stratagem, wait about a minute then make your way to extraction. Easy often has secondary objectives that you can achieve on your way there, helping boost the XP a bit more. Easy to powerlevel with because they’re fast and time remaining = big xp gains.

Powerleveling on Easy

Outside of the escape pod, a lot of easy missions are fast and with the secondary objectives, you can squeeze a bit more. If you read our new player guide, conquering easy missions fast will come in no time.

Group Powerleveling

If you’ve got a group of friends, the best way to powerlevel is do missions that everyone is a bit too high level for. You’ll lose 25-50% XP bonuses, sure, but you can have everyone split off and solo objectives meaning you can achieve your sub-objectives while the main objective is happening. The easiest way to help powerlevel a low level friend is just drag them along or have them hang back at extraction while everyone clears the map.

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