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Gaming Tier List: Featured by Publisher Collective

We are delighted to share that our website, Gaming Tier List, was recently profiled by our partner, Publisher Collective, in their popular monthly Partner Spotlight series – Partner Spotlight: Gaming Tier List . Publisher Collective interviewed our founder, David Piner, to highlight our unique approach to gaming content and advice for aspiring website entrepreneurs.

In this interview, our founder covers a variety of topics from how our site was founded, to how we handle reviews, to our popular SMITE tier list.

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Readers can learn more about our values, vision, and content creation process in the full interview here. It provides a fascinating look behind the scenes at how we collaborate with partners like Publisher Collective to constantly improve. We’re so very thankful to our community for helping our site grow and be a popular destination for gamers online.

Our site originated out of the frustration of [not being able to] find content that’s helpful, especially around tier lists and reviews. When I’m searching for a guide, I’m searching for an answer and I want to [find it] as fast as possible so that I’m back into the game.

David Piner via Publisher Collective’s Partner Spotlight

We’re excited to share this interview with our audience and are always open to feedback! Thank you so much for visiting our site, reading our content and contributing to our community.

About Publisher Collective

Our partner, Publisher Collective, is to us the best in the business when it comes to supporting site owners of large online properties in the gaming verticle. We’ve been unable to find another partner who can rival their ad technology and their support is amazing, fast and personal. We’ve been happy to work with Publisher Collective for many years and look forward to many more years of partnership.

If you’re looking for more tips on managing your own website and want to learn more about the business, check out the Publisher Collective blog.

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