ActRaiser was a super cool SNES game because it was a mix of city building and side-scrolling. With Sol Seraph, we finally have a spiritual successor to ActRaiser – just 29 years later (1993 saw ActRaiser 2, which many say wasn’t as good as the first). To sum the game up – you build a city and play a tower defense map to unlock side scrolling sections, which boost your character (Helios) and makes him stronger, eventually letting you take on a boss and fully liberating the area. Understanding How To Play the Game Sol Seraph is formulaic. Once you get into the pattern of the game, it becomes very easy to understand the basic flow. It goes like this: You unlock a zone by completing a side-scrolling map. Once unlocked, you are in tower defense mode. You you fight enemies to collect souls to unlock enemy arenas. Once you…