Dicey Dungeons


Dicey Dungeons is a board game style dungeon crawler, where you play one of several dice that are vying for their freedom in the dicey dungeons. It’s similar to Slay the Spire, but is a bit more casual and forgiving. The first time you load up and play, you’ll play as the Warrior and go through a very nicely built tutorial that explains most of the concepts. I highly encourage you to not skip the tutorial, if a skip function is ever added. Unlocks Warrior: You start with the warrior. Thief, Robot, Inventor and Witch: They will unlock as you play. Jester: Beat Jester as a final boss in the bonus round, when you beat the Jester, resolves him into a dice to play. To unlock the last door you’ll need to beat all the bonus rounds, including the one for Jester. To unlock more stories with each character, you’ll…