Dune is such a good book, at least book one. It’s so good and it’s rife with political intrigue and a world that, as someone who is creative, is just jealous to read it. It deprives me of the ability to come up with most of the ideas on my own. Removing ranged weapons with personal shields is just such a fun way to completely upend sci-fi combat. Woah, upend combat? That’s…. sounding like something that would be a really good game. You’ve got massive political intrigue, tons of lore, places to visit and a combat system that’s very unique. So, where the games at? Oh not looking for something that’s not sci-fi to play, try give FFXIV a try. It’s more fantasy based and way less focused on spicepunk like Dune. The Games that Exist The following Dune games exist and you’ll see something troubling very quickly: Game NameYearGenreSystemsDune1992Adventure…