Top 10 Lego Sets of 2024

We’ve put together a list of our top 10 LEGO sets released in 2024. This list has everything you’d need to know about the current hot and hot released sets. We start with #10 and move to stronger and stronger sets.

We’re not rating by price per se, but more so on things like rarity, how much fun they are, are they great for kids and AFOL (adult fans of LEGO), collector considerations and price. We’re not looking at exactly the most fun set but the most valuable sets (for every consideration).

We also put a heavy gaming emphasis as well, however 2024 hasn’t seen a lot of “gaming” themed sets.

The sets below were either examined via someone from the LEGO Ambassador Program reviewing them, the LEGO website, physically owning them or seeing them at the LEGO Store in Alpharetta, GA.

You can always find the latest LEGO sets at the official site’s What’s New.

With that let’s jump into it.

#10 – Animal Crossing (Everything) & Isabelle’s House

Isabella’s house is amazing. It looks so good. The other sets look awesome, but Isabella’s house is a set you could get even if you really weren’t into LEGO. It’s nice to see Animal Crossing staying relevant and continuing to get support across things such as LEGO!

#9 Creative Vehicles

This is a LEGO classic set that actually has pretty much what everyone wants. It’s like when you’re told “WE HAVE LEGOS AT HOME” and actually having enough wheels to make a 40 wheel super trucker. It’s full of wheels, windows and car parts. This is a really good classic set and can be a lot of fun for things for your desk or just to fiddle or play with.

#8 Retro Roller Skate

The LEGO Retro Roller Skate set delivers throwback style and versatile build options in one rad package. This groovy 342-piece set includes parts to construct three distinct models – a flashy roller skate, smooth skateboard, or boombox straight from the tape deck era. The vibrant light blue and pink color scheme pops with 80’s flair. Building the staple skate first reveals clever design details like a separate mini-build for the laces and an adjustable heel decorated with sideways studs for customization.

The set stores conveniently in the new paper bags that stand freely. Priced at $29.99, the triple threat builds, authentic retro vibe, and many specialized elements make the LEGO Retro Roller Skate a fantastic value. Its smooth style and throwback charm are sure to deliver a radical building experience for LEGO fans of any age.

#7 Bouquet of Roses

Really gorgeous set from afar. The roses don’t have as strong of a showing really up close but more than a few feet away and they look absolutely stunning. It continues LEGO’s line of flower sets and it’s wonderful for flower lovers out there. The flower sets have a really good mediative build to them as they require a lot of tiny parts in really rhythmic patterns.

#6 Jedi Bob’s Starfighter

Jedi Bob is from the Republic Gunship sets (7163) known as simply a generic Jedi knight with a smile. This lonely nameless character received one from the fandom and he’s finally got his own set. It’s nothing noteworthy outside of that and probably a neat bit of LEGO history for long time Star Wars LEGO fans.

image 2

#5 Megapolis City 5th Anniversary

The fidelity of the set is just wild. You’ve got so many moving parts, play elements and just random things happening all throughout. It is also modular!

image 2 1

#4 Cherry Blossoms

These are $14.99 MSRP and kind of a pain to build, not so much in time but in do about 80 repetitive tasks, which makes them actually a lot nicer to have around. The actual flowers are gorgeous. They are the nicest flowers yet and even if they’re kinda a pain to build, they’re still fun.

#3 Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter

Very slick and looks great. The wings actually work which is even nice plus it’s DUNE!!! That makes for a really important piece for LEGO collector’s out there who collect DUNE sets. You get Baron Harkonnen in his long robe which looks wild. The set is really pricey though, at like about $164 which is a lot. It’s really big though which makes up for it, but it’s still on the higher side for LEGO.

image 2 2

#2 Family Tree

This set is adorable and decently priced. It lets you hang pictures on a beautiful LEGO tree. It’s really beautiful and the added feature is just so cool. It looks so nice as well. Honestly I think the Ornithopter should be #2 but the price of the Family Tree and the fact it fits in more homes as a decoration makes just way more sense to me to move this into a solid #2 spot.

#1 Polaroid OneStep SX-70 Camera & LEGO Creator Retro Camera

Two sets share #1 and I have first hand experience with both. They’re both great sets. the Polaroid camera has a satisfying picture element to it which is just fantastic and the overall build and shape is wonderful. It’s pricey though, at around $80 MSRP and has gone on and off backorder which can be a bit frustrating to get it.

To that, the LEGO Creator Retro Camera rolls up as also one of 2024’s great releases. It includes a unique strap element, can be built into a TV or camcorder, costs just $29.99 and the camera has lots of features to fidget with if you keep it at your desk.

Definitely the top picks so far of 2024.

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