GTX 1660 Ti


The GTX 1660 Ti is a joke without a punchline. It’s basically a slightly better maybe GTX 1070, based off of the GTX 2060, but without the DLSS or ray tracing which makes the GTX 2060 different than say… the GTX 1070. So basically it’s like, a GTX 1070 but if you’re good at math and bad at reading, something you’d like buy again thinking it was somehow better. Leveraging Nivida’s clown based numbering system, the GTX 1660 Ti fits between a GTX 1070 and the GTX 1070 Ti / GTX 2060. Some random tech YouTuber claims that they made the 16 series because it’s closer to the 20 series than the 10 series, but a GTX 1080 and 1080 Ti are still vastly superior cards to the 1660 Ti so it really should be like a 1075 or if we’re keeping the 0s a 1070 and a half. Seriously,…