Image credit to gamewatcher.com The competitive multiplayer hack n’ slash Mordhau has cultivated a hardcore fan base since its release. With each passing day, more and more players take to their keyboards so that they can storm the medieval battlefields of Triternion’s latest game. That being said, new players will likely be met with an incredibly steep difficulty curve when they begin the game. Simply put, Mordhouse is tough. The complex combat techniques and tactics within the title each take hours upon hours to master. With that in mind, new players will likely find it difficult to traverse the Mordhouse battlefields without getting cut down by more experienced players. But, don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Here is a quick guide to mastering two of Mordhouse’s most useful and intricate combat techniques. For a guide to general tips and tricks on playing Mordhau, check out Mordhau 15 Tips and Tricks…