Only Up!


Only Up! is a strange game that’s received a lot of attention lately and dialog around the game has gotten kind of… strange. For some context, Only Up! is a game that’s a Roblox Obby that takes itself as a Getting Over It style game made with Unreal Engine, generic assets and NFTs. That’s a lot, let’s unpack it. Only Up! and NFTs This is a weird one, the game has NFTs throughout it. No links, QR codes or advertisements so don’t believe the misinformation that the game itself is a scam. It does, though, have other NFTs in it which some people have found poor taste? There’s an argument that streamers have been advertising these NFTs unknowingly because they’ve been included in this game. There’s not much else other than a lot of misinformation. The only truth is the game does have NFT images in it, but an NFT…