Everything in this world has its particular lingo. In baseball there are phrases such as “this dude drops tanks” meaning he hits the crap out of the ball. There is specific legal jargon, such as the terms “de jure” and “de facto” which mean something. Gaming is no different. Gaming has its own lingo, and if you want to consider yourself a true gamer, you need to polish up on your vocabulary. Let’s start with some basics. While “GG” could mean a number of things in the real world, from “go girl!” to Charlie Brown’s catchphrase “good grief,” “GG” simply means good game. If you’ve had a hard fought multiplayer battle, you may want to message your opponent telling them it was a good game. This shows your respect for their gameplay and that you admire their skills. “FTW” is another basic term. It means “for the win”. It is…