Sludge Life


Sludge Life has 14 achievements. We’ll dig into the 14 achievements and give you some tips on some of the more trickier ones. You can find Sludge Life on Steam. First we have a spoiler free list of achievements and then we have a guide to the endings and some of the trickier achievements. Spoiler Free Achievements Augment the menu (Ghost’s computer) with the To-Do List app in Glug Tower to see them tracked. Bad ending “Boom.” Binge “Eat 20 slugs in one section.” Big pockets “Get all items.” Creepin “Kill the boss in Crypt Creeper.” D.R.E.A.M. “Steal the diamonds.” Fill up the deck “Install every app.” Good ending “A way out.” Kiss my eggs “Give them a smooch.” Off and on again “Reset every WARP station.” “Pee” from above “Urinate from the top of GLUG TOWER.” Trash play “Shoot a basketball into the trash can.” Tribute to Ciggy “Smoke…