Dave the Diver does an exceptional job of telling you where to go and when. The main story is full of breadcrumbs, UI elements, guiding arrows and landmarks to help you navigate the Blue Hole. There are some elements that might have you scratching your head. Without spoiling the story, we’ve put together how to get through the main quest-line along with a lot of tips, hints and tricks to make it in the Blue Hole. Getting Through the Main StoryChapter WalkthroughsWhat’s the difference in fish quality?Stealthing Through the Sea BaseHow do I get X skin/fragment/etc. from a fish? What about rare metals for upgrades?How do I deal with tube worms? What upgrades replace what?What’s the best staff?How do I get X taste rank dish?How do I deal with the seeking rockets?How do you catch seahorses?What’s the best gun?Random Game Tips Getting Through the Main Story Most of the main…