Reviewing the Secretlab Titan Evo Series Buying & Assembly Experience

One of the best names in the game for comfortable non-bespoke mass produced chairs is Steelcase and Herman Miller. When it comes to high quality “gaming” chairs, those same names actually come up as well; but their prices are cost prohibitive for most non-business consumers. More in the reasonable realm of $700 comes Secretlab with ultra high quality chairs that exceed the build quality of the local office big box store but come in well under the price of the top tier chairs.

This review won’t argue the comfort of the chair; that’s a subjective opinion and one that I find difficult to argue against. A considerable number of streamers sit regularly in Secretlab chairs and lots of feedback from real consumers paint the chairs in a positive light.

I can’t articulate such a subjective subject well and my personal experience is quite satisfactory when it comes to just overall comfort and support. So by no means let this review be a guide for comfort; this is for those who are looking at what the purchasing experience is like and what the overall build quality is / assembly work required.

Proof of Purchase

See below for a receipt indicating that this review is sourced for a true literal purchase and not a comp / review copy of the chair.

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The Best Cost Retailer for Secretlab Chairs

So the thing about buying one of these chairs is that they’re on Amazon with prime delivery. A limited selection is on Amazon with prime delivery and an even more limited selection has an attractive coupon. Some of the chairs on Amazon are lower than the retail website.

Dear Secretlab, please don’t charge people more. The discounts are hype.

Gaming Tier List

So the Secretlab direct website offers a $20 discount for the newsletter, but that discount is only applicable for accessories (meaning basically a free cleaning kit with your purchase). It also offers 3 day shipping. I know because I checked via the live chat function while waiting on the coupon code to arrive. Which I must say for a live chat on a website they were fantastic.

So I was kind of set on one of the colors on the website but after doing the math I realized Amazon was actually cheaper and would arrive in like a day almost so I pulled the trigger and purchased.

True to form it arrived in a few days safe and sound on the front porch.

Secretlab Evo Chair in Box


I must say this chair has the best packaging of anything I’ve ever dealt with in regards to home furniture. It’s well packed with lots of padding and a nice thick plastic bag around the chair components itself. The chairs accessories come in fancy little boxes and everything is well packaged overall.

The instructions come on a large sheet and everything is just well put together. It doesn’t disappoint for the cost. That’s attention to detail I care about.


Assembly was a dream. It was broken into just a couple of steps. The first was just two steps to get the bottom cushion and backrest together. The second was to attach the levers on the bottom and then finally stick it on the coaster. That’s a super oversimplification but I had this chair together in no time.

  • There’s literally like a way to take it back apart which is crazy.
  • The backrest has a rail on the right side to slide the backrest into and then screw it in. Then you left the lever for the left side and screw it in. That makes putting it together take all of 3 seconds.
  • The included tools don’t suck. You get a long lever hex wrench and then a reversible bit for a screwdriver handle that also doesn’t suck.
  • Stickers to align things that you need to align.
  • The screw covers aren’t those icky plastic mushy bits, they’re just magnetic attachments.
  • The armpads are magnetic and safely secured so they’re not already squished by the time you get them. You can even replace them assuming you wear it out.

The included tools are awesome, the screwdriver bit doubles as a bit you can use in your power drill. The screws are very big and they have deep indents for the driver bit.

Secretlab Titan Evo Buying Experience Overall

Talking to Secretlab, buying the chair from Amazon, getting it and assembling it was all really like satisfying for the money spent. That’s before the overall build quality and comfort, which is stellar. The only nitpick I have and I might follow-up with a ticket, but the armrests are very rough where the plastic and the foam meets and the seams feel a bit messy.

Overall though, a great experience!

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