Amiibo and Animal Crossing: Horizons: Clear Honest Truth

There is a lot going on right now about the Amiibo and Animal Crossing: Horizons. A lot of “thin” articles that are stacked referral links to buy them, but what can you do with them and which ones should you buy?

First, all Animal Crossing Amiibo do something (i.e. gives you a poster), but not all of them invite the character or allow you to take photo shoots with them.

The Amiibo cards (Series 1-4 and Welcome sets) allow you to do everything, posters, photo shoot and invite village animals to your camp.

Sanrio cards and the physical figures, including the smash figures only allow for posters. Updates will improve functionality moving forward, although the Isabelle smash Amiibo will work for photo shoot.

So if you want to buy something, look for the card packs while they’re still cheap. At launc they’ll likely skyrocket in price.

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