Best Gaming Snack Ideas in 2023 – Snacks to Game and Watch Streams With

Let’s face it, we all need snack ideas from time to time. Our guide to gaming snacks goes through the universal snacks which work for almost everywhere and then snacks best for gaming and for watching streams.

From popcorn and ice cream to banana loaf bread, here are some ideas to enhance your culinary snacking while gaming. Nothing in this article focuses on being healthy, but at the same time we try to avoid bad ideas like sitting at the computer with an entire cake.

Universal Snacks (Boring)

Let’s start with the boring and uneventful snacks and move to something more exciting.

  • Popcorn: You can’t go wrong with this iconic treat. Easy to microwave, easy to eat, just watch out for greasy controllers. Buy the popcorn without the flavorings to remove some of the grease.
  • Potato Chips: Decent, greasy, aim for less greasy types of chips like rice crackers or baked chips if you’re playing with a controller.
  • Ice Cream: You can put in a cone, carry it in a cup. It melts quickly near the heat of a PC fan but whatever it’s ice cream.
  • Anything labeled a snack in the snack aisle. Seriously. Fruit roll-ups, candy, etc. It’s not the best thing for you, but it works.

If you want something healthier to snack on, consider fruit, crackers, snack packs that you can get in the refrigerated section with cheese and nuts, literally just buying some lunchables even though you’re an adult now you can still buy them who is going to stop you they have self checkout now go ahead and buy the lunchables and then like kale chips are pretty healthy.

Ideas for Binge Gaming

For me gaming snacks need to provide basically something substantial in the way of flavor and overall weightiness to the snack, while being something that can be eaten either with your hands or in short breaks. It should be something you can leave on your desk and graze on for awhile, that tastes good even after say sitting out for an hour.

  • Footlong Sub Cut into Quarters (or a 6″ cut in half): Take a footlongish sub, have it cut into quarters and eat it during a binge session a quarter at a time. Take a handful of chips with you each time you snag a quarter from the fridge.
  • Rice in a Rice Cooker: Make some rice and leave it in the warm setting in the rice cooker. When you’re hungry, scoop out a bowl and add some sauce of some kind or some kind of toppings like seaweed or fried onions.
  • Appetizer Delivered: Getting delivery tonight because you’re staying in? Order an appetizer. Don’t eat it with your meal, instead stash it into the fridge. When you’re gaming graze upon nachos or cheese fries or cheese bread or something easy to eat while playing a game.
  • Deli Meat: Seriously, get some cheese and meat and throw it in a plate. If you have time to grab say a pickle and some mustard and maybe even some crackers you have a fancy meat and cheese plate made with some over the counter deli meat. Don’t make a sandwich but tear the meat into bits or cut giant slices into smaller bites. It’s basically the adult lunchable.
  • Dips like Hummus and Yogurt: Dips like hummus and salsa and then snackable cups of yogurt make great gaming snacks because you can reach and grab a bit and go back to gaming.
  • Fruit: Another good snack. Having a bag of grapes or sliced up apple nearby while you play is very nice.
  • Bacon: For those who are on keto or just in general, bacon makes a great snack because it holds up well cold. Crisp up some bacon before you game, keep between two paper towels and chow down. Don’t eat it all at once or it goes from a snack to a meal.
  • Microwaved Veggies w/ Chopsticks: Microwave a microwavable pack of veggies, with or without flavorings and then eat with chopsticks out of a bowl. Easy to grease on.
  • Edamame: An obviously good snack to enjoy while binge gaming. Keep a bowl or trash can around to throw away the shells. Remember they can be eaten with one hand by putting the shell in your mouth and squeezing out the peas inside.

Bad Snack Ideas – How to Uplevel Your Snack Game

You want to avoid snacks that are going to negatively impact you. Avoid snacks that you know will give you heartburn or indigestion because that’s just inviting pain to a fun game. Avoid things that can spill. Soup might be a neat snack, if you drink it out of a thermos. I wouldn’t have a bowl of soup near the keyboard nor would I try to juggle it on the sofa.

Think about your surroundings to for that perfect zen snack. You need something that’s going to safely balance on the table, that will last you the length of time you want to snack for and that’s going to taste good and be worth the calories and effort of eating. You also don’t want to be distracted either, so avoiding a fork and knife if at all possible is a good idea.

Chopsticks are really neat for snacking. You can grab food, put them down real quick, get them and grab food again. It also helps you avoid getting too “big of a bite” and burning through a snack really quickly.

The worst kind of snack is a sloppy sandwich or anything that drips or falls apart. You don’t want whatever you’re snacking on to be in the middle of a meltdown and need to go press a button to talk to say “here.” Think ahead.

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