Sea of Solitude Achievement Guide

Here's what you are going to need to do.

Jo-Mei Games’ Sea of Solitude just hit shelves on July 5. Now players are delving deep into this underwater adventure game to discover its many secrets. If you want to uncover every achievement this game has to offer, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. A walkthrough for each and every achievement may be viewed below.

1. Uncorked

“Collected your first Message in a bottle”

The first message in a bottle can be discovered to the left on the sidewalk once you run into the massive creature swimming near the building rooftops. The walkthrough video down below shows the bottle’s location at roughly the 0:37 mark.

2. Bottled

“Collected all bottles”

You will need to collect the rest of the bottles in order to complete this achievement. The video below will walk you through how to earn each and every bottle. There are 39 bottles in total.

3. Shoo!

“Shooed your first Seagull”

You will need to approach a seagull, which will present a button prompt. After pressing the button, the seagull will be shooed away. You may view the first seagull location around the 0:09 mark of the video below.

4. Flock of Seagulls

“Shooed all Seagulls”

In order to earn this achievement, you will need to shoo away the rest of the seagulls within the game. You may view each seagulls’ location within the video provided below. There are 32 seagulls in total.

5. Fire!

“Fired the first flare”

You will earn the ability to use your flare after you meet a certain character. Simply continue through the game’s story until you earn the ability. After earning the ability, simply use your flare to unlock the achievement.

6. Connected

“Connect with mirror Kay for the first time”

After you first meet the monster and dock your boat, you will be near it. Simply search the nearby rooftops to discover it.

7. Comfy

“Respawned on couch in Skyscraper”

First, make your way to the first portion of chapter six. This will be titled “The Depths.” Next, climb the nearby skyscraper. You will eventually find yourself in a room featuring two notable chairs.

Kay will acknowledge the furniture, ensuring that you are in the correct area. Finally, jump off of the nearby golden platform to your left. You will respawn in the chair, unlocking the achievement.

8. Raver

“Got grabbed by waterhands 10 times”

You will need to let thee waterhands trap grab you 10 times. Once you reach a railroad bridge, you will be near one of the traps. Check out the video below for details.

9. Deep dive

“Jumped headfirst into the water from a high point”

Make your way back to the skyscraper that holds Kay’s father’s office. You needed to enter this building for the “Comfy” achievement as well. Scale the skyscraper as high as you can and then leap down into the water below. A walkthrough video of the achievement may be viewed below.

10. Seeker

“Fired 30 flares

You will earn this achievement as you continue to use flares through the game. That being said, you will need to use them a total of 30 times to trigger the achievement.

11. Human Bait

“Eaten by Whale 20 times”


Eventually, you will come across a monster that resembles a whale during your travels. You will have to leap into the water and allow the whale-like monster to consume you 20 times.

12. Mermaid

“Swam a very long distance”

Simply swim around until the achievement unlocks. It will take some time, but is ultimately not too tasking of an achievement to unlock.

13. Runaway

“Traveled very far by foot”

You will likely earn this achievement naturally as you continue to play the game. If not, simply spend some extra time running around the game until the achievement unlocks.

14. Sailor

“Traveled a long distance by boat”

You will likely earn this achievement naturally as you continue to play the game. If not, simply spend some extra time sailing around within the game until the achievement unlocks.

15. Danger swimmer

“Swam long distance while whale was around”

You will want to first make your way to the “Follow the Monster” section in chapter two of the game. Then, make your way into the waters on the other side of the first building you come across. Swim near the gate to your right. Continue swimming around in circles until the achievement unlocks. A walkthrough video of the achievement being unlocked can be seen below.

16. School‘s out

“Made it through school”

In order to complete this achievement, you will need to head back to the same area you visited for the “Raver” achievement. Then, you will need to outwit a hoard of shadows in order to make your way through the area. A walkthrough of the achievement can be seen below.

17. Moses

“Opened a path through water”

You will earn this achievement by naturally making your way through the game. Once you make your way past a large gate, you will come across a glowing object that will help you earn this achievement.

18. Sunny

“Finished Level 1”

At the end of chapter four, you will notice a beam of light. After noticing the light, you will then notice a statue in the water. After this, the achievement will unlock.

19. Lonely at the top

“Reached top of the Skyscraper”

You only need to reach the top of the skyscraper that you have visited for two different achievements already. Check out the video below for a detailed walkthrough.

20. Mama and Papa

“Finished Level 2”

You will earn this achievement as you make your way towards the houseboat at the end of chapter eight.

21. Breakdown

“Finished Level 3”

Simply continue through the game and this achievement will eventually unlock.

22. Resolve

“Finished the game”

As it states above, you simply need to finish the game.

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