Affleck Out as Batman, Who’s Next?

The search is on.

Ben Affleck officially announced on Jimmy Kimmel that he is no longer playing Batman. Affleck had tried to initially write, direct, and star in his own Batman movie, but ultimately he couldn’t make it happen. The project is being passed on to director Matt Reeves, who is best known for directing Cloverfield, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and War for the Planet of the Apes. Reeves has spoken about making a noir Batman movie that will focus on the detective skills of Batman, which I think is going to be a great, refreshing take on the character that the films have left out. But who will don the cape and cowl?

I have no idea why his name has been thrown around in the mix, but there is a rumor out there that Robert Pattinson may be in line to play the next Batman. Yes, the vampire from Twilight… I refuse to live in a world where he is my Batman. I don’t care if he has the perfect audition, I cannot have this guy as my Bruce Wayne and Batman. It will crush my heart and soul. He’s obviuosly a talented actor, but I think most hardcore Batman fans would be displeased with his casting. That’s gonna be a no from me dog.

I think Jon Hamm would be a great fit to play Batman. Hamm has that classy feel to him, and the Mad Men star could be a great playboy Bruce Wayne. Hamm’s name has been in the discussion for a while, but he has been denying having anything to do with the role. Hamm is already a huge name and would be an actor who I think most fans would happily approve of if he is cast. Hamm is the no fuss, sexy choice that everyone would be cool with and support

Another big name in the rumor mill is Armie Hammer. Most known for The Social Network and Call Me by Your Name, Hammer has put together a successful career so far, and the role of Batman could make him a superstar. Hammer is insanely talented and a physical presence on screen. He exudes confidence, classiness, and intelligence and could be a solid choice for a younger Bruce Wayne. He will be a great choice if DC Comics is planning to have the same Batman actor in multiple films, which is hopefully the case. I think Hammer would do the role a lot of justice (pun intended) and fans would appreciate his approach to the character.

I’m not sure how this name would play out, but Game of Thrones star Kit Harington’s name has been plastered all over the internet. Harington is already an action star as Jon Snow in Thrones and plays a character with no parents, which he could tap into the nature of Bruce Wayne as well. As much as I love Kit Harington, I can’t see him as Batman. I think that role is too much of a stretch for him. Another concern I have about Harington is his height. Batman is an intimidating, physical beast. Harington is supposedly 5’8″, which means he’s probably more around 5’6″. Although I’m a proud member of the short man society as well, I don’t see them casting Harington for this role. They’d have to cast all the other actors shorter than him, and it’d just be a pain in the rear from that standpoint. I’m sorry Kit; I still love you.

There are other names out there as well, but I don’t have time to break them all down. The thing that’s interesting is that all of this is speculation right now. All of this could be a bunch of fake news, and one day we’ll see the news pop up on tv that the new Batman is cast, and it’ll be someone no one saw coming. His name hasn’t been out there, but I say let’s mix Bradley Cooper into the hunt. He is a tremendous actor who has the physicality and charm to take on Wayne. Cooper can go to those dark places, so why not give him a shot? That’s just my opinion though. Who would you like to see as the new Batman?

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