News Attacks Leave Players Frustrated on the Weekend

Diablo IV is so popular that it would be odd if you didn’t have a single friend waiting for the weekend to get on and play non-stop. This weekend, June 25th 2023, the servers were hit with a DDOS attack causing services for Diablo IV to temporarily go down:

I think the most interesting aspect of the mentioned tweet is the responses from fans everywhere complaining that they have work the following day. It is rather unfortunate and sad to see whatever mischief-maker or wrongdoer do this. It also serves as evidence of just how big Diablo IV is.

If you are having difficulties connecting to Diablo this weekend or any game, you may have to wait for a while. Even with the huge distributed denial-of-service attack mitigation attempts that exist on the modern internet, the malicious actors appear to stay one step ahead whenever they get the opportunity.

There is no information on who or why is doing this, something that is often common with these kinds of situations.

Services will likely be restored within the soon time. In the meantime, if you’re looking for something to play, I’m hearing BattleBit right now is pretty fire. Something to go give a consideration to.

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