Video Game Conventions Returning in Full Force: FFXIV to Give Away Polygonal Grapes

Everything from Final Fantasy XVI to Path of Exile are having their conventions return to their regular cadence. During 2020-2022 it was rather rough for travel and events. Now, in 2023, it seems that more and more games are returning to their yearly fan meet-ups. That’s awesome!

To celebrate, this year’s Final Fantasy FXIV Fan Festival is rather awesome:

You get a small tote, some nice pins and a stress ball of grapes. This joke is not only rather neato but it also is a return to the things that make the video game community awesome.

For some context, some grapes in FFXIV had bugged out and were rendering in their low-polygonal version. A lot of games will derender an asset the further you are from it since you can’t see the fidelity. In this instance, the game wasn’t properly rendering the grapes.

It’s neat that games are returning back to the fun in real life events and the inside jokes that define these communities. Here’s to a great Fan Fest this year as it returns and many more in the future!

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