Archetype Arcadia Review (PS5 & PC)

Archetype Arcadia is an Isekai (Wikipedia) visual novel with an exceptional amount of content focused and a very deep story. The game has more content than the larger novels out there and it’s presented beautifully beside great backdrops and rather kicking music as you make your way through 50+ hours of gameplay.

If you’re looking for a very long visual novel then the Archetype Arcadia is the hidden gem you’ve been missing. It has a story that is unique (as much as the genres and tropes it plays with allows) and the gameplay that is more than read and choose which is nice.

The Story

The world has fallen to a disease known as “Peccatomania” which has wiped out most of humanity. Rust, the protagonist, is immune from the disease but his sister suddenly falls ill. The only way to slow the progression of the disease is to spend time within a virtual world, so Rust dives in to find a way to cure his sister.

Diving into the game, you’re introduced to a rather long tutorial that isn’t shy about going over the game’s mechanics (it’s not all just visual novel). The mixes other game genres in with a very interesting story. It’s a lot and really cool. The trailer doesn’t do it justice.

There’s a considerable number of bad endings to run into. Most happen instantly, which is nice. The ones that are more subtle and lure you into an inevitable bad end thankfully get marked on a reset. You get 25 save slots too, which is generous enough, the game has a few “bad choices” but most are direct and instant and the ones that aren’t you can jump back and get at it again.

Archetype Arcadia – Official Launch Trailer – YouTube


The Game

Anytime you mention a game doing a lot then you know it’s also going to stretch itself a bit thin. I think in this case I didn’t mind. It can draw you in for hours and it does a great job of referencing past events hours and hours after they occur to remind you of it, versus expecting you to keep a memory of everything at all times.

The nice thing is that it does let you get lost within the game. Playing it both on PS5 and PC, it’s a comfortable sit through. You can easily forget a few hours as you press through to find out what happens next.

Drawbacks are few and far between. My only complaint is side quests often get in the way of the fun stuff and could have been easily pruned. The aforementioned “ugh” bad endings exist, but are easily dealt with. The game has some… interesting twists, but all of that adds charm.


Archetype Arcadia is really fun! If you like visual novels and want something a bit “more” while still being really close to the VN format then Archetype Arcadia is for you. If you’re looking for something with a virtual simulation theme, Archetype Arcadia is also a really good pick. Look it up today!

If you’re on the fence, but have some time, get it on sale for sure if you’re into VNs. This is a well-polished game that’ll give you value even in just two chapters.

Note: We received a PS5 key from the developer, but also played on PC.

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