Bus Simulator 21 School Bus Extension Review

The Bus Simulator 21 School Bus Extension is really good. It reminds me of Bus Simulator 2008 in all of the good ways. It adds three new buses, school route related missions and new schools to act as the final drop-off for the kids. The three new buses are:

  • All American FE 40-foot front engine school bus consisting of 2 axles, 2 doors, and a total capacity of up to 89 passengers.
  • All American RE Rear engine school bus featuring a capacity of 89 passengers, 2 axles, 2 doors, and a total length of 40 feet.
  • Vision A total of 83 passengers fit inside this 40-foot gasoline school bus, with 2 axles and 2 doors.

The nice thing about the school bus extension is again, you get the route content meaning you can run real school bus routes. Which is really fun and a lot more interesting than moving bus stop to bus stop.

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What’s Cool About the Bus Extension

Here’s a list of what makes the bus extension worth the $12.99 to us:

  • The routes are much different than the transit routes, giving you enough of a change to make the gameplay fresh.
  • The bus mechanics are rendered well. The safety systems are built in (like the stop sign arm) and the sounds are well made.
  • Updates to the out of the box map included, which is always welcome.
  • Blue Bird buses!

The Not So Great

The expansion doesn’t include a few nit picky bus features like strobe lights at the top of the bus. That’s about it.


If you want to drive a school bus, this is it. Go for it. You require the base game, so note that as an FYI when considering the price. Give the Bus Simulator a go before you dig into this expansion pack. Otherwise, it’s definitely quite nice!

As a note, we received a key from the developer.

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