Beach Buggy Racing 2


Beach Buggy Racing is sort of like most go-kart games like Mario Kart and well Mario Kart. You have a rather easy to drive vehicle with easy to navigate physics that barrels high speed around magical tracks and beautiful hazards. One of the cool things about Beach Buggy Racing 2 is that it’s also not a very big pay to win game. In this guide we’ve got a whole list of tips for you, a guide on how to win almost every time and then some tips for the power-ups. Beach Buggy 2 Tips Tesla Tips: To get to the game, press the Arcade button (from the arrow on the bottom of the teach screen) to open the Tesla Arcade. Note, the game doesn’t use the gas pedal. Only the brake and steering wheel. The steering wheel steers, brake slows you down and you touch the screen for power-ups. In…