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Beach Buggy Racing 2 Guide and Tips – iOS / Android / Tesla | Gaming Tier List

Beach Buggy Racing 2 Guide and Tips – iOS / Android / Tesla

Beach Buggy Racing is sort of like most go-kart games like Mario Kart and well Mario Kart. You have a rather easy to drive vehicle with easy to navigate physics that barrels high speed around magical tracks and beautiful hazards. One of the cool things about Beach Buggy Racing 2 is that it’s also not a very big pay to win game.

In this guide we’ve got a whole list of tips for you, a guide on how to win almost every time and then some tips for the power-ups.

Beach Buggy 2 Tips

  • Tesla Tips: To get to the game, press the Arcade button (from the arrow on the bottom of the teach screen) to open the Tesla Arcade. Note, the game doesn’t use the gas pedal. Only the brake and steering wheel. The steering wheel steers, brake slows you down and you touch the screen for power-ups. In the 2-player mode, the passenger has full touch controls on the right hand side.
  • Like in the original game, the best boost is the jump start booster. You’ll need to press the power button exactly between the “1” of “3 2 1” and the “Go.”
  • You don’t need to spend gems to challenge new drivers – the game will automatically offer it every now and then.
  • Leveling up unlocks tracks and power-ups. You can earn EXP by playing the game like winning races and upgrading power-ups. It’ll tell you how much EXP you get by upgrading the power-up! Upgrading gives more EXP than races – at least at the start of the game.
  • Upgrades come in Green (common) Orange (rare) and Purple (epic) quality. This actually was an update that re-balanced all of the power-ups. You can see your power-up deck in “power-ups” and starting at level 2 you can begin acquiring more than your starting deck.
  • Save your cash and don’t always upgrade something because you can. Sometimes you need to wait and save up for a power-up that you’re using in your deck.
  • Finish in the top 3 to get a chest. You’ll still get EXP and coins even if you don’t get top 3.
  • Beach Buggy Racing 2 isn’t available on PC or consoles yet – however you can get the original Beach Buggy Racing on the Microsoft Store and it’s not a bad game (most of the tips apply to it the original as well).
  • Upgrade the power-ups that work with your play-style the most.
  • Don’t waste gems on opening chests. Save them for vehicles.
  • Stay on track as much as you can and don’t forget to brake going into turns.
  • Save the driver ability for when you’re not in first place.
  • You can transfer your game to another device using the manage account option.
  • Your wheels will glow if you’re successfully power-sliding (braking while turning)
  • Daily challenge unlocks at level 3.
  • The best car is usually any car that’s 1,000 gems and is something that works for you. I’m big on cars with lots of handling and top speed and focus on never slowing down. Strange Rover for instance is then kind of neat for me. It’s all based on playstyle.

How to Win Almost Every Time

To win almost every single time you’ll need to first get off a successful power boost. Then you’ll want to hit bubbles with the power-ups in them as soon as they show-up in the map. Avoid obstacles that slow you down, try to power-slide into turns as much as possible and keep onto the track as much as you can. If you do get passed, fire your offensive power-ups. On the flip side if you’re running in first you can just trash a power-up before you hit another bubble to see if you can get something either better or defensive to protect you from someone attacking you from behind.

When you go for bubbles, try to aim for the “!” bubbles as the power-ups don’t have to charge. You can take eight power-ups into a race with you, make sure to use your 8 most upgraded ones.

Your power-up deck needs to include at least 2 defensive power-ups (shield & cure are totally fine), something that is homing and then whatever you really prefer. There are some power-ups I find to really work well against the AI like the Lunar Gravity power-up and others like the Freeze Ray to be sort of a mild nuisance. After the power-up rebalancing it’s really up to you which power-ups you fancy.

Power-Up Guide

Below find a guide to the starting power-ups, the power-ups you unlock shortly after the start, the best power-ups and then some commentary on building an amazing Beach Buggy Racing 2 power-up deck.

  • Fireworks: Just a straight ahead shot. The more you upgrade it the more you can fire it off of a single power-up pickup.
  • Shield: Blocks attacks, the number is based on upgrades. Use this when you hear something coming for you or when you’re close to the finish line. Blocks anything with a “shield” icon.
  • Tiki Seeker: Aims at the nearest target. Upgrade for more shots.
  • Spring: Sets a trap behind you that sends a driver in the air. Best to put around bubbles or in turns / tight spaces.
  • Boost Juice: Adds to your top speed for a time. Upgrade for more speed and time.
  • Death Bat: A loud loud projectile zooms down the center and then hits first. No way to stop it except for a shield. Doesn’t work in shortcuts!
  • Donut Tires: Applies a slowdown debuff to the drivers in front of or if in first one behind you. Only works if their tires are on the ground.
  • Cluck Crate: Sets down an obstacle.
  • DYN-O-MITE: Places dynamite on the drivers in front of or one behind you if in first. If they hit something it explodes but if they drive carefully, they’ll be fine. Won’t impact drivers without the debuff.
  • Police Chase: While active it grants a speed boost and will block anything that shield blocks. So it’s great for catching up to enemies.
  • Big Bang: Big AOE attack around first place. Can hurt other players.
  • Hydra: Shoots several hydra heads forward homing at enemy cars.
  • Freeze Ray: So it basically applies a debuff that makes the driver slide around. I’m not a fan.
  • Lunar Gravity: Lifts all opponents ahead of or one behind you if in first into the air and they can only move straight forward for a bit. Best to use it in a turn, will almost automatically let you pass someone if they don’t have a cure.
  • Tesla Coil: Stops enemy drivers near your vehicle.
  • Cure: Any power-up with the “cure” icon can be cured. So, if it’s affecting you, it goes away.
  • Jammer: Stops enemies from using power-ups. Only affects enemies near you.
  • Chain Lightning: Stops racers ahead of you for a few seconds. Hits one racer and moves to the next. Only stops when it reaches first or hits a driver that doesn’t see another driver. When the effect wears off, vehicle returns to previous speed / direction.
  • Untouchable: Basically, makes you immortal while its going on, except to going off the world.
  • Warp Speed: Boosts you forward quickly.
  • Barrage: Shoots a bunch of fireworks off in front of you. The epic version of the firework.
  • Pickpocket: Tries to take a power-up from the first enemy player it can find one, starting in first place and moving backwards. If no one has a power-up, you get a shield.

There are many more power-ups in the game, but they’re all pretty similar to the above. By the time you unlock them you should be a master. The best power-ups in my opinion are the death bat, cure, shield, police chase, untouchable, tesla coil, chain lightning and hydra.

The reason why is simple: Death bat seeks out first and will take out lots of others on its way there. Cure is great to respond to an attack and shield is great to prevent one. Police chase is the best version of the “speed boost” since you get a shield as well as the speed boost. Untouchable is just powerful and will stop anything from harming you. Tesla coil and chain lightning do basically the same thing, they stop cars and let you catch up. Finally Hydra is the best homing attack because it clears out the cars in front of you really well and lets you catch up.

Traps are just mostly bad. The AI is really good especially in later levels at avoiding them and they’re just not easy to use. Although angry bees are kind of funny.

Well I hope this guide helps you in your karting journey!

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