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5 Important Tips to Winning in Minion Masters – A Beginner’s Strategy Guide | Gaming Tier List

5 Important Tips to Winning in Minion Masters – A Beginner’s Strategy Guide

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Minion Masters is a wonderful game of strategy that requires experience and finesse to truly master. That being said, there are still a number of tips and tricks that any new player can take advantage of if they wish to improve their skills.

Check out these five quick tips in order to improve your game.

1. Know How to Build a Solid Draft Deck

Much of drafting a good deck is about understanding the nuances of each deck master and the various strategies within the game. That being said, there are some basic guidelines you can follow.

For starters, try to maintain somewhere between three and four mana within your deck. Next, make sure you have an answer for every major situation you will come across. For example, you are going to need several ranged damage dealers and a tank. Every master will have different strengths and different needs, but every master needs at least some range damage, AoE and a tank.

When choosing your master, consider what’s popular in the meta. Settsu is doing quite well at the moment, while Volco is not being highly touted right now. Consider Diona or Ratbo if you want a more balanced master.

2. Swarm Your Opponent With Flying Minions

This tactic will take you far when playing against other new players. Most people will focus on melee minions when building their decks.

However, these minions can be easily thwarted. Simply pepper your deck with swarms of flying minions in order to overwhelm your enemy. Unable to attack flying targets, your enemy’s melee minions will simply sit back and watch the devastation.

3. Always Stack Up on Ranged Minions

When it comes to damage dealing minions, there are two basic varieties. There are melee minions and there are ranged minions. You are going to want to stock up on ranged minions.

Melee minions are often the foundation for decks. That being said, these minions come with a significant disadvantage. They cannot strike flying minions. Consequently, you will find yourself in a world of hurt if you forget to stock up on ranged damage dealers.

Always build some ranged attackers into your deck to ensure that you are ready for anything your opponent throws your way.

4. Here Are Some Common Tactics

If you want to make the most out of your deck, then you are going to want to try these tactics.

Ram: Flood the field with ground hoard minions. Then, invite a rammer or two to the field. Your hoard minions will soak up damage so your rammers can make it to their targets. This simple tactic is a cornerstone of Minion Masters.

Scrat: This is a defensive tactic. If your enemy is battering away at your tower, send a hoard of Scrat minions to hold them off. Save up your mana while they do their work so you can unleash a counter-attack.

Tower: Flood the field with Stun Lancers. Once they have begun attacking the tower, your opponent’s master will become unable to attack. Next, send in your damage dealers to destroy the tower.

5. Here Are Some Cards to Look Out For

When building your deck, there are a number of cards you should keep on eye out for. After all, a good deck needs good cards.

For starters, the Scrat Pack card is a favorite among many. Versatile and cheap on mana, this card can get you out of a pinch. If you need more AoE damage, consider nabbing Beam of Doom. Lastly, consider grabbing a few Stun Lancer cards to up your defensive play.

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