Ocarina of Time


There’s no other hero out there quite like Link. Our tunic-wearing friend has spent generations defending Hyrule and other areas from imminent doom. A man of action and few words, Link has the courage that most of us can only ever dream of having. While there are several worthy Links, there is only one that is THE Link. That’s Link from Ocarina of Time (the greatest game of all-time) and Majora’s Mask. One of the things that makes this Link the best is his backstory. He starts off as a lonely, fairy-less boy in Kokiri Forest. He really has only one true friend in Saria, and I only wish that you could slash the arrogant Mido to bits or break a pot over his skull. Immediately the player is drawn to this Link and feels for him. Leaving Saria for the vast world of Hyrule is such an honest, raw moment and many…