‘Ocarina of Time’ Link is the Best Link of All

He's the hero of time, come on...

There’s no other hero out there quite like Link. Our tunic-wearing friend has spent generations defending Hyrule and other areas from imminent doom. A man of action and few words, Link has the courage that most of us can only ever dream of having. While there are several worthy Links, there is only one that is THE Link. That’s Link from Ocarina of Time (the greatest game of all-time) and Majora’s Mask.

One of the things that makes this Link the best is his backstory. He starts off as a lonely, fairy-less boy in Kokiri Forest. He really has only one true friend in Saria, and I only wish that you could slash the arrogant Mido to bits or break a pot over his skull. Immediately the player is drawn to this Link and feels for him. Leaving Saria for the vast world of Hyrule is such an honest, raw moment and many of us have experienced something similar to that in our own lives. It was tough, but had to be done for Link’s destiny to take fold.

Young Link is 9 years old when he takes on the world of Hyrule in full force. This is a dude who was able to sneak into Hyrule Castle as a child. He has climbed the highest mountains to get to Goran City and been inside Lord Jabu-Jabu’s belly. This Link can take down the biggest, baddest enemies with ease and has the brains to solve every puzzle out there. Our buddy is fearless and was ready to take on Ganondorf without hesitation.

Something amazing about this Link is the fact that while he physically aged 7 years in the Temple of Time, I don’t think he mentally aged at all. He was still the same person on the inside and was shocked when he initially realized how much he had aged. This adult , “more mature” Link had to go on to defeat seven more temples, reuniting with others he had met in his journey all those years ago. It must have been a weird feeling seeing everyone else aged 7 more years since you last saw them, and the fact that he didn’t even fret over it shows how dedicated this elf-boy is to sealing away the evil threat and defending Hyrule.

Another thing that separates this Link from others is his kind heart. While he still likes to mess with cuccos, this Link had friendships that shaped his destiny. No other friend was more loyal to him than his fairy Navi. She could definitely be annoying at times, but Link’s bond with her is what ultimately saved Hyrule. It was so upsetting to me when Navi flies away upon completing the game, signifying that Link and Navi had done their duty and that Link was ready to take on the world by himself. I may have shed a tear or two honestly, it is so sad.

Link adored Navi so much that he searched after her in the beginning of Majora’s Mask, which led him to the strange world of Termina. Link was able to stop the skull kid from ending the world in a mere 72 hours, with a little help from his handy dandy ocarina of time of course. Not only that, but he also collected every mask and assisted in helping out all of the townspeople and their personal needs. He even helped a couple get married. Is there anything this Link can’t do?

I am a little biased since Ocarina of Time is my favorite game to ever exist, but bias aside, this incarnation of Link is still the best. This Link can do anything he sets his mind to, and I would pick him over any other Link out there. His boyish hope and courage are exactly what Hyrule needs, and if I had to choose only one Link to play as for the rest of my life, I choose this one, the original hero of time.

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