How to Unlock the Color Dungeon in Link’s Awakening – A Switch Guide

Here's what you need to do.

Link’s Awakening is out for the Switch, allowing an entire new wave of Zelda fans to enjoy this reimagined classic. With that in mind, many players are now trying to storm their way into the mysterious Color Dungeon.

That being said, getting into the Color Dungeon is not as simple as it may initially seem. But, don’t fret. We’ve got a breakdown of what you will need to do down below.

1. Obtain the Power Bracelet

Nintendo EPD, Grezzo/Nintendo via Polygon

If you want to make it to the Color Dungeon, then you are going to have to track down the Power Bracelet. Luckily, it’s not that hard to obtain.

The second main dungeon you will face in Link’s Awakening is Bottle Grotto. The dungeon is built around the Power Bracelet. Consequently, you will need to advance far enough into the game to infiltrate this dungeon first. The location of the Power Bracelet from within the dungeon may be viewed above.

After completing the dungeon, you will have the first artifact required to enter the Color Dungeon. That being said, there are a few other things you will need.

2. Obtain the Pegasus Boots

If you want to enjoy all the Color Dungeon has to offer, then you are going to want to nab the Pegasus Boots. This item will allow you to experience some additional lore featured within the dungeon.

The Pegasus Boots can be found within the third main dungeon known as Key Cavern. The item’s location within the dungeon can be found above.

You can skip this item if you simply want to get to the Color Dungeon as fast as possible. That being said, it is suggested that you pick up these boots first.

3. Travel to the Library for The Hidden Power of Color

Next, you are going to want to make your way to the Village Library. The library is located southwest of Mabe Village. Once inside, you will notice a special book resting on a bookshelf near the back of the library.

Using your Pegasus Boots, you can ram into the bookshelf and knock the enticing tome to the ground. The book is The Hidden Power of Color.

The book reveals that a world of color exists beneath the nearby graveyard. More importantly, it reveals how to enter the Color Dungeon.

4. Travel to the Cemetery

Next, you need to make your way to the cemetery that can be located north of Ukuku Prairie. Once you arrive, you will notice five tombstones. This is the puzzle The Hidden Power of Color warned you about.

From Mabe Village’s east exit, you can turn north until you make your way to a set of stairs. Next, use your Power Bracelet to remove a rock blocking the way to the graveyard.

You must push each tombstone in a specific order if you wish to enter the Color Dungeon. Check out the order down below.

1. Bottom-right grave must be pushed down.
2. Bottom-left grave
must be pushed left.
3. Top-left grave
must be pushed up.
4. Top-center grave
must be pushed right.
5. Top-right grave
must be pushed up.

After completing the puzzle, a secret entrance will reveal itself. Now, you can enter the Color Dungeon. A walkthrough of the mysterious dungeon can be viewed up above.

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