How to Solve the Psyncing in the Curtain Puzzle Room in AI: The Somnium Files

Here's what you need to do.

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AI: The Somnium Files has some tough puzzles with Psyncing in the Curtain taking top spot. Our guide gives you a step-by-step walkthrough on what to do to get through what is a sometimes unreasonable puzzle.

The puzzle is unforgiving and seemingly irrational at times. Of course, it can be beaten. Here are the details on how you can overcome this difficult challenge.

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Psyncing in the Curtain is the hardest puzzle room within the entire game. Leaving little room for error, you will want to stock up on time-saving items before you attempt this room. That being said, this difficult challenge can be overcome.

With seemingly no additional time available within the timed puzzle, you will need to perfect these steps if you intend to complete Psyncing in the Curtain. Without further delay, here is the correct order for completing the infamous puzzle room.

  1. Flip the switch. Do not remove the thorns.
  2. Ignore the phone. Do not hang up the phone.
  3. Pick the Winter Iris. Do not smell the flower.
  4. Tear the book on the floor. Do not read the book.
  5. Ignore the phone. Do not hang up the phone. Do not pick up the phone.
  6. Stick hand in green liquid. Do not lick, smell or jump into the liquid.
  7. Grab the lamp. Do not lift, turn off or kick the lamp.
  8. Drink the green liquid from the pot. Do not wear, smell or heat the liquid.
  9. Close the curtain. Do not pour lemon juice, ignore or poke the eye.
  10. Tear the book on the table. Do not read it.
  11. Throw the skull. Do not talk, kiss or check the skull.
  12. Tear the book on the shelf. Do not read it.
  13. Tear the book on the table near the door. Do not read it.
  14. Lock the door. Do not ignore, open or shut the door.

As you are completing the puzzle, you will need to utilize time-saving items in order to ensure that you can complete the infamous challenge. It may take a few attempts to perfect, but you will eventually break through the puzzle by following these steps.

If you would like to watch a video of the puzzle being solved, check out the footage below.

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