Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach Tips and All Endings Guide & Walkthrough

Everything FNAF Security Breach

Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach is the first 3D action survival horror game in the FNAF series. You take on the role of Gregory who wakes up inside of Glamrock Freddy in a Pizzaplex that is in a state of chaos. We’ve compiled some tips below to help you survive the night along with how to obtain the game’s various endings.

The biggest tip of all is to understand that the game is linear but not completely linear. Areas are gated past passes that are only given out at certain times and in certain areas. However, how you upgrade Freddy and how you proceed can be completely up to you. You can see your available missions anytime on the watch.

Scott Cawthon retired which means that the series is moving on now with him taking a less hands on approach. However, it’s very clear in Security Breach that Steel Wool has taken the soul of FNAF and poured it into this 3D world. We hope the below tips help you advance in the game and get to see all the cool content hidden throughout the game.

Heavy spoilers below.

We’ve updated this guide with lots of extra tips, secrets and all of the known endings. We’ve updated the guide even further with more details on how to secure all of the endings and how to unlock some more cool lore bits. We’ve completely rewritten our walkthrough of Security Breach as well.

Escaping Chica, Montgomery Gator and Roxy

Line of sight is everything. The animatronics have to see you with their eyes in order for them to begin chasing you. Once they begin chase they will not give up until they reach the last area they saw Gregory and investigate that area to find that he is no longer there.

Later on you can easily flash any of the animatronics to stun them with the camera or shoot them with the laser pistol to stun them. Until then you need to loose line of sight with the animatronic.

Their chase radius isn’t very high and they will give up and return to patrolling if they don’t find you after a few seconds of looking. However, they will investigate where they last saw you and follow through any doors you enter into. They will remain in that area for a short period of time before returning to patrolling.

So for instance if you hear the noise that you’ve been spotted, the specific animatronic will rush that location immediately and continue chasing you as long as you’re within its vision. Once it gets to your last known location, it immediately scans for you and then returns to patrol if it doesn’t find you after (random amount of time from seconds to 20 seconds the most I’ve seen).

So to escape all you have to do is make sure to get out of their line of sight and immediately hide. They do not check hiding spots like in Assassin’s Creed unless they visually see you enter the hiding spot.


Note that you will hear footsteps when they are closing in on you and each chaser has a special ability. Roxy swipes forward in a dash. Chica eats trash. Montgomery Gator charges and doesn’t stop until they get to you or a door/wall.

So if you’ve played a lot of Assassin’s Creed then it’s basically the exact same concept, but with way fewer things chasing you and way more lenient on letting you lose line of sight with them.

Security bots trigger any patrolling animatronic to come to their location. At 6AM this can often mean many areas are empty, so this in effect means they can only jump scare you.

Escaping Vanny

The same as above, but instead of the footsteps being loud, your screen will glitch out. Vanny is rarely out on patrol in the game.

There is a sequence when map bot jumpscares you in an elevator and Vanessa captures you. As mentioned below, there is a screwdriver in a giftbox that lets you through the vents before Vanny catches you. This is pretty much the only time you’ll need to worry remotely about Vanny.

Understanding Who is Where

You have access to the cameras, but most animatronics are not all in the same area patrolling and once you defeat them, they either don’t show up until the Fazer Blast chase sequence (running to the security office) or just patrol a limited part of their area.

Animatronics spawn based on mission status and the area you are in, but they can only be in one location at one time. The appropriate animatronics for the area will spawn in anytime you are caught by a staff bot to the area that you are in. So a lot of areas are completely free of anyone who can chase you; that is until you trigger a staff bot.

In general though, if you have subtitles or sound on you will hear them randomly calling out for you over and over. This will play when they’re on the same map, not just when they’re in the same room. So don’t be afraid if you’re in say a kitchen area and hear Monty, he’s just somewhere around.

For instance, at the 2:30AM sequence underground in Parts & Service you will find Monty and Roxy down there together. Later on, they won’t be there. The story pushes some animatronics in some areas.

image 1 3

Patrols in FNAF Security Breach

  • Chica: Chica is generally everywhere and the default nuisance, you will find Chica in the main area along with the parts of the Mazercize area and Bonnie’s Bowling (where her boss fight occurs). Chica has a teleport to put them behind you (or are just very good at getting behind you quickly) and loves to eat trash. They patrol the main area.

    They do not patrol their own maze (in Mazercise) unless you drag them into it (meaning the maze puzzle becomes harder if you alert the security guards in the maze and get Chica roaming it). If you leave Chica to roaming the start area, they’ll generally stay there and the maze remains clear.
  • Monty: He patrols Gator golf. You can find him patrolling the main area during events and some areas underground. Once defeated he crawls on the ground and doesn’t chase you in his area anymore.
  • Roxy: Roxy patrols the main area and Roxy’s speedway. Roxy will enter into the various buildings in Roxy’s speedway to patrol and will come when any of the alert bots are triggered. Once defeated, she becomes blind and can not see you. She remains in the lower areas of the speedway.
  • Vanny: Vanny only patrols the main area and the chase to the security office. There’s a sequence with Vanny coming after you after Vanessa captures you, there is a screwdriver in a gift box that lets you open the grates of the nearby vent and escape Vanny. This is the smallest threat in the game.
  • Vanessa: Vanessa is always usually patrolling through the open main area. She might strategically patrol in a loop near main campaign objectives, depending on where you’re at in the story.
  • Music Man & Vents: Inside of vents Music Man will chase you. This occurs in the segment where you’re getting into Chica’s room in Rockstar Row through the vents, for instance. As you get close to where Chica’s room is, a Music Man will spawn in and begin chasing you. The only way to win is to run directly to the game’s intended target and have your sprint at 100% when the chase begins. Parts & Services will usually be your first run-in. You’ll know the chase by the music playing.

What to Do If You’re Lost on What to Do Next

escape lost and found edited

Check your watch and look at the missions tab. There is two paths after the daycare, one of them is to go to the loading docks and the other is to go to the prize counter. Both of them result in taking Freddy down to parts and services once the next hour ends and you have to get into a recharge station.

Both paths result, as mentioned, in needing to get Freddy to parts and services. From there how you spend your time is up to you, but you can see what you need to do in your missions tab. For the early game, it is again rather linear. Just follow the instructions given and do not overthink it. The AI isn’t trying too hard to get you, but there’s going to be just random frustrating times – don’t give up.

To reach 6AM you must defeat two of the three bosses (which obtain two upgrades) and DJ Music Man. The claws and voice box are the most helpful for 6AM exploration, so some players leave Roxy alive at 6AM to get her eyes for a few segments that require it (like the canon ending).

At around 3:30AM, after the Parts & Service sequence, you will be given the choice of going to any of the three boss fights. Monty Golf and Monty Gator (claws). Fazer Blast and Chica (voicebox) and Roxy Raceway and Roxy (eyes). Again, the ones you choose to do are the ones that follow you into 6AM.


Below is a detailed walkthrough of the game. Please note that we do not go into super deep detail on a lot of the missions, as the game is always honest in the missions tab of the Fazwatch on where to go and what to do, along with the map showing you where you go.


  • You start the game in Freddy’s showroom. You’ll need to make your way through the vents and outside, get the photo pass and then unlock Freddy’s room. The game is in tutorial mode until the end of the Daycare sequence. With the photo pass you’ll go with Freddy underground through the utility tunnels.
  • As you move through this part, take note that you can avoid Chica when she’s at a corner trash pile with her back to the exit. This is the only non-linear stealth part.
  • At 12:00 AM you’ll move into the daycare segment. You’ll need to avoid Chica throughout as you make your way to the gift shop, where you get a Mr. Hippo magnet and then to customer service to upgrade it. Nearby outside is the Daycare pass.
  • Enter the Daycare. You can’t escape the attendant without knocking things over. Make your way to to the security desk and pick up the pass, this will cause the lights to go out. Turn on the 5 generators hidden within the maze (this is RNG on getting caught in the tunnels here) and the lights will resume. Make your way to the door to get ejected.

1AM – 2AM

  • After the Sun ejects you (he will eject you again if you try to reenter the slide), go inside of Freddy and follow the stairs up and to the recharge booth. From here you’ll be given two choices to follow. The prize office (you enter through El Chips) or the loading docks (through Salads and Sides). At the prize office you find the fire exit is available to VIPs only and the loading docks requires level 7 clearance. Freddy requests you return to him, when you reach the elevator in both sections a map bot will jumpscare you and Vanessa will capture you.
image 1 5
The iconic scene happens after the map bot jumpscares you in the elevator.
  • You will awaken in a security room with Vanny slowly approaching. Use the gift box to get the screwdriver then escape via the vent.
  • Upon your escape, you will get a notice from Freddy to meet him at Roxy Speedway. There are some boxes you can now use to get to the Speedway through the construction entrance. Upon finding Freddy, he will tell you that you’ll need to go backstage and need a backstage pass. To get this, continue through until you find it as a prize. Then, now backstage, make it to the security room.
  • The security room is actually easier than it looks. First, if you hear banging on the door look at the cameras to see who it is and then press the button. Otherwise press the buttons for Freddy when he appears on the screen. After this, you’ll need to do a short stealth sequence to get to the main DJ booth in the Pizzaplex.
  • You’ll play a short stealth sequence where you’ll need to go to the top floor DJ Booth and play the tape for the stage to lower. Upon lowering the stage and making it to a recharge booth, Freddy will be abducted and you’ll need to do the entire lower sequence without Freddy until you reach him.

3 to 6AM

  • Endoskeletons will chase you, they will quit chasing you if you stare at them or disable them with the camera. They will usually stay disabled until you get near them. You’ll need to get the security badge and get back to Freddy and do the repair sequence.
  • At this point, you’ll be given the option of getting the Fazerblaster or the Faz Cam. The Faz Cam is via Monty Golf and the Fazerblaster is via Fazer Blast. You’ll also need to obtain two upgrades for Freddy at this point, either from Roxy, Chica or Monty. If you get the Faz Cam then it’s Monty & Roxy, if you get the Fazer Blaster it’s Chica & Roxy. The third upgrade is locked until after 6AM.
  • The Fazerblaster is a prize from Fazer Blast. It’s much harder than the Faz Cam, which you just pick up at Monty Golf. Please note you don’t get the second party pass until 6AM and which one you pick decides which animatronics you will go after.
  • Once you have either, the only thing left to do is decommission two of the three remaining animatronics to reach the 6AM save point.
  • Roxy’s eyes require you activating the Go-Kart in Roxy Speedway then escaping Roxy. Chica’s eyes require you to put the Monty Mix in the trash compactor (in Bonnie Bowl) then get Chica’s voicebox. Monty requires you to play through a boss fight in his zone, where you move through the zone filling up a water cup, one of the jets is at the top through the Mazercise maze, you get his claws and escape. If you get the Fazer Blaster you will have to get Roxy’s Eyes and Chica’s Voicebox. If you get the Faz Cam, then the Claws open up (but you can’t have the Fazer Blaster until saves are disabled).
  • After you’ve equipped Freddy with the second boss part you will be told to escape. Saving is no longer possible and recharge stations no longer work to hide from the Daycare Attendant but once you reach the front doors this section ends and you can either continue and get a party pass or see one of the endings below by leaving.

Mazercise Puzzle Walkthrough

  • Flip the Switch Up
  • Press 1
  • Flip the Switch Down
  • Press 3 three times, 1 two times and 2 three times
  • Use the left door to go through the vent to the Monty’s Golf Course second floor.

Survival Tips

  • Sound direction isn’t the best indicator of where something is, but sound volume is. Once you hear the foot steps of an animatronic then you need to scoot.
  • Patience is better than sprinting everywhere. You want to save stamina to get out of an animatronic’s way. You also just want to be slow in general, everywhere.
  • Noise doesn’t seem to draw nearly as much attention, so feel free to recharge your flashlight or move around.
  • Know where the recharge areas are so if you have to recharge Freddy (never let him run out) or just avoid the daycare attendant.
  • Use Freddy a lot! His battery actually drains very slowly and there’s lots of recharge stations. You won’t be bothered by anyone while you’re inside of him and he moves quickly and doesn’t use your stamina. You can call Freddy to you whenever you need ’em. They can’t be used in certain areas. Freddy also can open doors if you summon him close to them without using any battery drain.
  • To scrap Chica you’ll need Monty’s Mystery Mix which is in the kitchen in Bonnie Bowl in a back office. Bonnie Bowl is unlocked after you complete Fazerblast.
  • When in doubt, just hide and watch the cameras. The cameras are often underutilized. They tell you where things are around you and you can carefully plot your next move.
  • The security puzzles are far more lenient with energy than their original game counterparts. Don’t hesitate to use the energy as you likely won’t run out unless you over use it. You can wait to close the door right until the animatronic is at it.
  • Endos can be disabled with the camera. Do not move near them otherwise you will enable them.

Upgrade Locations (Shoes, Flashlight, Freddy)

You can find the following upgrades to help:

  • Flashlight: In the daycare area in the back of the castles with a hidden staircase going up to it. You can get this at the start of the game. More battery before recharge. The other is in the Rehearsal room. The last one is in Monty’s Gator Golf in the back room of a food stand.
  • Shoes: Located in the back of Roxy’s salon. Improves run speed.
  • Freddy: One upgrade next to the salad store, on a table. The other is in is in the last garage on the speedway, with the spinning robot. Gives Freddy one more bar of energy each.
  • Hoodie: Staff Toilet in the Chica Bakery. More stamina.
  • Fizzy Faz: This decreases stamina drain. Comes in four flavors: Freddy (Control Room in the Basement), Chica (office near the entrance), Monty (El Chips kitchen) and Roxy (save point on the speedway near the go-kart).

The best advice is to collect these before 6AM to save them with you into the endgame if you want to have them with you as you collect the different endings.

FNAF Security Breach All Endings Guide & Walkthrough

At 6AM the Pizzaplex opens and you can leave. What honestly happens is you get the first of many bad ending choices & the ability to save is removed (which may be updated and changed in future versions, but the launch version doesn’t let you save starting at 6AM). From here you can get a myriad of endings, which result in a comic book playing out. There’s multiple endings from 6AM, but you can’t save. Really important to note what you go into 6AM with (what you have upgraded Freddy with) is what you have.

Unlock the Vanny Endings

You get the party pass once you reach the front entrance at 6AM. You can choose to stay or leave at this time and Freddy comments that there might be more for you in Fazer Blast which isn’t unlocked until you have the party pass (given to you by Freddy at 6AM). At this point saving is disabled, again, so in order to get any of the Vanny endings you must go through and play all of Fazer Blast and then at the end you locate her hideout.

Now the “Vanny” option is available if you take any exit. Once you choose this option you will lose the ability to call Freddy and be locked into a linear chase sequence that ends at the Fazer Blast security office, where you can press a button to get one ending or play Princess Quest III (assuming you did I & II) for a different ending.

A Note on Princess Quest

It must be beaten in order for the applicable ending below, but you can do I and II during the game and only III is locked behind 6AM. This is advisable just before you even begin to think about getting all the endings to just make sure to have I and II done before 6AM.

Princess Quest I, II & III are linear and don’t need walkthroughs (just enjoy them). There are ample health drops and the chests often contain health upgrades. Have fun!


Bad Ending #1: Just Leave (1 Star) (The Alley Ending)

Leave as soon as the choice is given. The game doesn’t give you much in the way of comic book strips and instead just shows a few panels with Gregory sleeping in a cardboard box while Vanny approaches.

The post credits scene is the building closed for health reasons and reopening soon.

Bad Ending #2: Leave via VIP Fire Escape (2 Stars)

In this ending, if you use the VIP fire escape (the double red doors you found previously) which requires the VIP pass (having all six golden plushies, instructions below). Freddy destroys the Pizzaplex and then saves you from Vanny, which is unmasked to reveal herself as Vanessa.

In the DLC it is revealed that the mask Vanny wears is a technician’s mask. This explains why Freddy can’t see Vanny. There’s also a good chance that it can be assumed that the second Vanny, if not some kind of allegory, is the Mimic.

image 1 11
Freddy can now see Vanny thanks to the upgrades.

You can see Gregory’s shock as he finds out Vanessa is Vanny.

image 1 12

Yet at the end, you see Vanessa just fine on the top of the Pizzaplex unhurt by the flames.

image 1 13
Vanessa completely unharmed.

Then to finish matters off, you get the following newspaper clipping.

image 1 14
The toys are to blame for it burning down. Nothing is known about underground or why Vanessa was okay but not okay?

Unlocking the VIP Fire Escape Door

To unlock the VIP Fire Escape Door, simply collect all six golden plushies:

  1. Golden Freddy is in his green room next to his arcade machine. Available anytime you can return back to his green room.
  2. Golden Monty: Ice Cream Parlor in Bonnie Bowl. It’s in a storage area downstairs.
  3. Golden Chica: Under the food court, via the old elevator. It’s in the old cafeteria, in the back.
  4. Golden Roxy: Rockstar Row, behind a cyclone fence gate. You’ll need Monty’s claws.
  5. Golden Sun: Lighthouse in Kid’s Cove.
  6. Golden Moon: Daycare Theatre, in the back.

“The Getaway Ending”: Go to the loading docks with level 7 clearance and leave. (2 Stars)

Go to the loading docks with a level 7 clearance and leave. This ending has Gregory (driving) and Freddy drive out of and escape the Pizzaplex together.

On the way out, Freddy shuts down from not being able to recharge but a quick jumpstart fixes the problem. At this point nothing changes in regards to the terrible things happening at the Pizzaplex.

Glamrock Mr. Hippo joins the cast and Monty takes over as the lead singer in the final post-credits scene.

image 2
Mr. Hippo replaces Freddy. In-universe Mr. Hippo is the worst animatronic.

Disassemble Vanny: Defeat Vanny via the Fazer Blast Route (2 Stars)

After you’ve found Vanny’s hideout (in Fazer Blast), you can choose “Vanny” and start the chase to the security station at Fazer Blast when choosing to “leave” the Pizzaplex. When you get to the security station immediately press the button to begin this ending. Ignore Princess Quest III if you’ve played I and II.

image 3
Gregory.. you are… my superstar is Freddy’s last words in this ending. The Pizzaplex is scheduled to reopen later, implying DLC.

Canon Ending: Redemption Ending (3 Stars) (Defeat the Glitchtrap Virus)

This one is rather easy or hard, depending on the state of your game. You have to play Princess Quest I (Roxy’s salon back offices), Princess Quest II (where Music Man emerged from in the arcade) and Princess Quest III (in the security office during the Vanny ending, only accessible past 6AM and only after you’ve completed Fazer Blast and uncovered Vanny’s hideout).

You end the Glitchtrap virus which saves all of the S.T.A.F.F. bots (who shut down and are no longer controlled by William Afton as Glitchtrap / Burntrap). It’s implied that Vanessa is freed from the control the Glitchtrap virus had over her.

This is the 3 star ending, however the ending cinematic is a drawing unlike the other endings.

image 1
Gregory & Vanessa enjoy the sunrise. Notice that this is a cartoon drawing.

Burntrap Ending: Defeat William Afton (2 Stars)

You must FULLY upgrade Freddy. This requires defeating Chica, Roxy and Monty and obtaining their upgrades, most of which has to be done after 6AM with no saving (depending on your Freddy build going into 6AM). Once you’re fully upgraded, you can go to the elevator down in the rubble that is previously locked in Roxy’s Raceway using the upgrades to get there. Once inside you’ll know it’s the right path when you see this:

image 1 1
Gregory, be careful.

Choose Yes and then begin moving through the tunnel turning all of the generators on and avoid dying at all costs, there is a security bot but nothing patrolling but it’s best to just cut them on and move through as fast as possible. There’s a recharge chamber once through the tunnel and into an old Fazbear Pizzeria (that the Pizzaplex was built on).

Now here is where you can get confused, but simply just get into the hole in the center of the room with Freddy and descend down (without and you’ll get a jumpscare with Funtime Freddy / the Freddy Amalgam). He’ll explain how Vanessa / Vanny brought him down here and how he didn’t want to. You’ll then see a cutscene as you go down and Freddy’s suit will shut down.

Glitchtrap finishes downloading itself into an endoskeleton (Scraptrap/Burntrap) and moves between three computers, trying to infect Freddy. At the same time you have all three animatronics coming after you and the Freddy Amalgam’s tentacles that can appear as well.

You must press the button when Afton is in the room to light that room on fire in order to stop Afton from taking Freddy over (which results in Freddy chasing you and giving you a Game Over). In this mini game you’ll have three animatronics come at you and as long as you remain calm, you should be able to handle it.

Afton can also stun Freddy, making all of this a bit more challenging when Roxy comes.

  • Chica: Just close the door. Freddy will call out which direction Chica is coming. I give it that you have about 10 seconds before Chica makes it into the room. Once Chica enters the room, while you can hide inside of Freddy, he will eventually be stunned and she will then get you.
  • Monty: Monty will come through the vents. You have again about 10 seconds from when Freddy says close the vents to get the vents closed.
  • Roxy: Roxy can’t see you. When Freddy calls out Roxy, watch the monitors until she gets into the room and then immediately get into Freddy and use the voice box to chase her off.
  • Tentacles: Just avoid them.

After Afton is defeated, the ending cutscene (described below) will play out.

If you want a deep dive into the canon ending, please see our Canon Ending Explained.

Afton’s Secret Room / Old Pizzeria Back Area

The room in the back is actually just three rooms connected, with a recharge station and Afton moving between the three rooms. Nothing notable for the lore is back there.

image 1 15
Burntrap up close.

Burntrap Ending Cutscene

After some time of hitting the fire button, the final cutscene should play, where William Afton and the Pizzaplex is destroyed by Funtime Freddy (the Fazbear Amalgam or some will just call it Molten Freddy, but it isn’t) and the Pizzaplex is burned down. Gregory and the full body of Glamrock Freddy escape. The final cutscene shot is below, but it is in fully rendered 3D. Although this is a 2 star ending, it’s considered to be canon.

At launch, in an unpatched version, this boss fight can be buggy. Be very careful as dying does require starting all over.

image 1 2
The Afton Ending (two stars): Afton is destroyed, Freddy and Gregory make it out alive. Nothing involving Vanny is shown. While only two stars, this ending is notable for having no cartoon drawings in the scene. It’s fully 3D rendered and lifelike.

Who is Vanny?

Vanny is confirmed to be Vanessa via the above endings and the assumed main character of the princess quest games (although some speculate it could be Cassidy aka Golden Freddy). In the VIP Escape ending, you see Vanny unmasked as Vanessa but in the post credits scene it shows Vanessa on top of the Pizzaplex unharmed, some speculate that’s the spirit of Vanessa who remains in the Pizzaplex (i.e. not the best ending) or Baby/Ennard as either Vanny or Vanessa.

Who is the second Vanessa?

We don’t know and there isn’t any clues found to explain it. The audio CDs clearly make out that Vanessa is up to no good and Vanny is unmasked as Vanessa. Now its said there is an eye color difference between Vanny and Vanessa and that they’re two different but similar looking girls, but I don’t buy that. Vanny is just Vanessa corrupted with the glitchtrap virus.

I do think that the second Vanessa is likely either Ennard / Circus Baby somehow coming back (since in this ending, the Blob / Freddy Amalgam in the basement isn’t dealt with) taking over Vanny and the positioning or whatever can be explained with a hand wave.

Vanny being an endo or something else or a clone or something is possible, but who knows. The only thing for certain is that Chica eats trash when it comes to Security Breach.

The Endings Explained

DLC spoilers included, due to the information helping to wrap up the endings.

The DLC Ruin wraps up some of the questions around the endings. Vanny is wearing the “Techncian’s Mask” or “Security Mask” that enables them to access and control the security nodes in the Pizzaplex, along with travel through the AR world. The Pizzaplex is infected by Burntrap, who is downstairs controlling the Pizzaplex and Vanny through the Glitchtrap virus.

This virus is locked away in the three Princess Quest cabinets. Upon defeating the virus, the canon ending occurs where the Pizzaplex is released from William Afton’s control. In the DLC: Ruin, the animatronics are attacking Cassie not because of Afton this time, but because the security system is keeping the Mimic (Burntrap’s endoskeleton) locked away.

The Alley, The Getaway, Burntrap and the Dissassemble Vanny endings are non-canon because they do not allow for the DLC to occur. Glamrock Freddy appears in the DLC without his head, meaning any ending in which he doesn’t survive or leaves the Pizzaplex entirely can’t be canon.

There is only one ending in which only his head leaves the Pizzaplex and that is the Redemption ending. This means that the non-canon endings are additional expose and hints to the world. The Alley brings doubt to Gregory’s origin and who Gregory is. The Getaway ending is the silly ending that is often customary in these games. The Burntrap ending shows where Burntrap is and provides an expose on who the Mimic is.

To The Rooftop hints that there’s more to Vanessa and Vanny that we suspect. The DLC doesn’t really touch on this, but since the Pizzaplex isn’t burned down, we can assume this ending definitely isn’t canon. Likewise, Disassemble Vanny has Freddy completely destroyed and Vanny destroyed as well. The Pizzaplex isn’t shut down, so it can’t be canon.

In the Redemption Ending, Gregory escapes with Freddy’s head (satisfying all conditions), along with Vanessa. The Glitchtrap virus is assumed to have been in control of the Pizzaplex and its destruction leads to the collapse of the Pizzaplex’s systems. It is then abandoned and left in disrepair until the DLC.

Ending Flow Chart

So basically, the rudimentary flow chart is:

  • If Vanny is alive at the end and Glamrock Freddy stays, then Vanny will find and kill Gregory.
  • If Glamrock Freddy escapes with Gregory via the van, then the Pizzaplex will continue to operate. He can be recharged with the car battery, solving his worry about recharging.
  • If Vanny is dead at the end, but the Pizzaplex stands, it will continue to operate. The Pizzaplex is only destroyed in the following, alternate ending.
  • If the Glitchtrap virus is defeated, then Vanessa and Gregory are free at this point, the Pizzaplex shuts down and the game leads into the DLC.
  • If Springtrap / Scraptrap / Burntrap is defeated at the end, the entire Pizzaplex is destroyed, it ceases to operate. Vanny’s fate is unknown.

Sister Location Secret & CD Player (Additional Vanessa Lore)

This video below has an excellent walkthrough of where to find the Sister Location replica area along with the CD player. It requires the camera and, technically, the voicebox although some are able to make it to the area without it.

The CDs contain lore on Vanessa’s background and how she became Vanny.

Here’s a video with directions. This is located where you first meet Vanessa, when she’s talking to Freddy. You’ll need the claw upgrades.

CD Locations

You can find the CDs in some of the below locations. Note that you need Roxy’s eye upgrade to see the CDs and must spot them with Freddy before Gregory can collect them.

  1. Near a red curtain in the bowling diner.
  2. In the Mazercise section in a drink dispenser.
  3. Second floor of Monty’s Golf Course, on the left side above a golf hole.
  4. In the bakery in Chica’s area.
  5. Rockstar Row near Helpy.
  6. In a bumper cart.
  7. Fazer Blaster lobby inside a trophy case.
  8. Inside of the Faz Arcade in a karaoke room.
  9. Within a treasure chest in Kid’s Cove.
  10. In the middle of the auditorium where the main stage is.
  11. On the wall above a red couch underground.
  12. In the Fazbear museum, in a cardboard cutout of Monty’s jaws.
  13. In Roxy’s salon, in a plush.
  14. On a podium in the Fazbear museum.

As mentioned above, they are the therapist records for the Fazbear hired therapist & Vanessa.

Balloon World / Up Up & Away / Under Par & Monty Golf

Go to the Balloon World arcade machine at Fazbear Theatre. The cardboard cutouts are located throughout, Chica is in Kid’s Cove, Foxy is in a storage room in Daycare Theatre, Freddy is in a backstage pass area and Bonnie in the music man room chase room.

To get the achievement, simply continue playing until you see a purple glitch area. Smack it and you get the Up Up & Away achievement. You don’t have to finish the mini-game.

image 1 8
Notice the purple trail after you hit the glitch.

After you hit the glitch, you’ll be put into a new mini-game where you have to follow the purple trail. Upon reaching the end, you’ll have finished this mini-games glitch section.

The achievement for Monty Golf (Under Par) is available in Monty Golf in the Monty Golf area. The arcade game is in the center.

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