FNAF: Security Breach – Ruin Endings Guide & Explained

There are three endings in FNAF: Security Breach – Ruin. We’ll go over how to get the three endings first. Then we go into what exactly happens along with some expose on popular theories. Then we’ll go into some of the personal characters.

To be very blunt, the ending to FNAF: Security Breach – Ruin is left hard to interpretation and theorizing. Steel Wool gave 100% into the theorist community in regards to how they developed the endings; they’re much more choose your own interpretation of the game’s meaning.

The official three ending names are now “Neutral”, “Brazil” and “Scooped.”

How to Obtain the Three Endings

The first is the “Normal” or “Good Ending” which you obtain by following Gregory’s instructions on the radio. Outside of just getting a game over, this is the only ending possible unless you make a left near the entrance with the green mushrooms or unlock the secret ending. This is known as the “neutral” ending in the game files.

The second is the “Fazbear Ending” or “Brazil Ending” in which you put the vanny mask on when Gregory says right, followed by hurry where there’s green arrows on the ground pointing forward. Turn left and go into the red entrance, then place the mask on. This is known as the Brazil ending in the game files.

The third ending is the “Scooper” or “Scooped” secret ending. When you enter the room right before the elevator, you take a left. This ending is active if in the Mimic chase scene, it’s wearing the tiger outfit. This is only available after unlocking four security cameras. Instructions and where the cameras are below. This is known as the Scooper ending in the files.

There are only three endings found so far in the game files and it is assumed that these are the only three endings.

What happens in the Neutral (default) ending?

Cassie gets on the Elevator and “Gregory” tells her that he can’t let her escape, cutting the elevator’s line and the elevator falls. Cut to black. That’s it. That’s all there is in the normal, regular ending! There is no additional information other than Roxy calling out Cassie’s name, mostly confirming that she’s likely alive. This is subjectively called either the normal or good ending, since the other ending likely is the bad ending and the secret ending being the canon ending.

There’s an oddity in which you can see two subtitles at once. It then goes to just one when the fall happens. Some chalk this up to a glitch, some feel it’s two voices talking at the same time. Nothing is confirmed.

Gregory: sorry (elevator falls) on image

What happens in the Brazil ending (Fazbear Outside) in FNAF: Ruin?

This is left up to you however you want to take it. Cassie puts the mask on, sees vanny, Gregory and a Fazbear plush happy in the style of the original games ending. Nothing more is provided. You get the scene with Vanessa, Gregory and a Fazbear plush eating ice cream and Gregory saying “Cassie! I’m ok. I found a spot to hide.” It is assumed that this is the glitchtrap virus fully taking over Cassie.

FNAF Security Breach Location for Fazbear Ending
FNAF Security Breach Ice Cream Ending

What happens in the Secret Ending (Scooped)?

The mimic is in a tiger mascot outfit and begins the chase sequence. Gregory gives Cassie instructions to follow, until Cassie is past the green mushroom door leading to the elevator. There they make a left. Assuming the secret ending is unlocked (see below), Cassie continues into the scooping room.

The Mimic chases Cassie, but Cassie presses the button and the Mimic is scooped. The credits play. You can assume that it would now be safe for Roxy and Cassie to escape the Pizzaplex. Even if Gregory is or is not the final voice in the normal ending that lets the elevator fall, you can assume that it would be safe now for Cassie to leave.

How do I get the secret ending in FNAF – Ruin? Where are the security cameras? Step by step guide to the secret ending cameras.

Return to Chapter 1, 3, 5 and 7. Go to the camera system and zoom out. You’ll see secret cameras that have sort of a special box with lines through it. Click those. Each camera will unlock one of four doors that lock the scooping room.

Chapter 1

image 14

Click the camera on the top right.

Chapter 3

image 16

Chapter 5

image 15

Chapter 7

image 17

Where are Roxy and Cassie?

Roxy and Cassie are both alive, as far as we know in all endings. In the weird “put the mask on” ending, it’s not known if that is Cassie giving up or escaping to the AR world forever. It could be, but nothing is given. In regards to the other two endings, Cassie defeats the “mimic” or whatever it is in the basement or survives an elevator fall because you can hear Roxy calling Cassie’s name.

Roxy is alive, assuming they survive their tussle with the Mimic.

Where is Vanessa?

Not in the game, however, likely alive. The “friend” of Gregory is likely Vanessa who provided him with the maps. That’s about the only reference. Along with what is presumed to be Vanessa in the weird ending where you put the security mask on instead of continuing.

Who is the Mimic? Where is Burntrap?

The Mimic is Burntrap. The third form of Burntrap is “The Mimic” which is the creature or endoskeleton we see in the basement that chases you and “mimics” Gregory’s voice. It is also likely the second Vanessa we see in the secret ending of the main Security Breach game. The general idea is that it goes Springtrap -> Burntrap -> The Mimic. There’s some basis for this.

In Tales from the Pizzaplex #7, we learn about “The Storyteller” AI. This is the AI that basically runs the Pizzaplex. Old programming that was left inside of the storyteller collects itself as “The Mimic” and then it begins to seep into the other animatronics. There’s some other details, but the critical one is that it’s “Tiger Rock” and that in the secret ending of Ruin, the Mimic is wearing a tiger outfit.

The Mimic is capable of taking on many different forms. In the books it’s very clear that the Mimic can be many different things. The main link is that the mimic LOVES costumes.

Who and where is Gregory?

For most of the game, it is confirmed that a being in the basement (likely the mimic) has been using Gregory’s voice to attempt to get the security system off so that they can escape. After Roxy attacks the mimic it’s up to you to decide if Gregory is the mimic still, communicating without the walkie talkie (less likely) or the real Gregory. Some assume that the last part was the mimic talking over Gregory.

Gregory himself doesn’t make an appearance in Ruin. It is assumed he escaped, is alive and friends with Cassie.

The prevailing theory for the normal ending is that Gregory’s voice was taken over midway through the conversation. You don’t destroy the mimic and the security system is deactivated. Furthermore, if the mimic was Gregory the entire time, why would it help Cassie escape? It could have easily given wrong instructions.

If Gregory wasn’t going to let Cassie escape, why would Gregory help lead the Mimic to the elevator with Cassie? Gregory also said he wasn’t at the Pizzaplex. How did he get close enough to cut the rope? Wouldn’t he have just been around to tell Cassie to stop?

The normal ending also could just not be canon at all and the real ending is the secret (scooped) one. That makes the most sense, as it provides closure for The Mimic.

What’s the canon ending?

It is theorized Princess Quest is now the canon ending of FNAF: Security Breach. The canon ending of FNAF: Ruin will have to wait until more information comes out via updates, secrets uncovered or new games.

The community has generally settled on the “scooped” ending being the real ending, with argument that it could also be the “neutral” ending. The “brazil” ending is assumed to be a joke ending or false ending, since it likely involves Cassie’s defeat at the hands of the Mimic.

Who is the enemy / bad guy in FNAF: Ruin? What are the mascot outfits?

It’s the Mimic. From the Tales in the Pizzaplex books, you can make a direct connection between the mascot outfits in the game (pictured below) and the mascot outfits that the Mimic wears in the books. The Mimic is basically just the remains of Burntrap, which is the burned remains of Springtrap. We have a full article on who the Mimic is if you’re interested.

The Entity, or Glitchtrap, is used to lock the Mimic away in the basement.

image 14 1
image 14 2

What is the M.X.E.S. Security System?

This is very hard to figure out. There’s the glitchtrap virus which is corrupting entities in the Pizzaplex. The bunny / vanny mask is actually a technician’s mask that allows them to see the Pizzaplex’s AI and work on it. Throughout the game we’re led to believe this is locking Gregory away, but in actually it’s locking the Mimic away.

In the Princess Quest ending when Gregory escapes with Vanessa, long with Freddy’s head, it can be assumed that they returned to lock Burntrap / the Mimic away.

How is FNAF: SB’s Princess Quest / Redemption Ending Now Canon?

FNAF: Ruin confirms that “The Redemption” ending is canon because:

  • The Glitchtrap virus is disabled, which required defeating Princess Quest III.
  • Glamrock Freddy is missing his head, which required the “Redemption” ending.
  • Glamrock Freddy is at the Pizzaplex, which only the “Redemption” ending has Freddy, without his head, remaining at the Pizzaplex. He escapes with Gregory in every other ending except the Alley, which can’t be canon because Glitchtrap isn’t defeated in that ending.

In the Redemption ending, Gregory defeats Glitchtrap within the Princess Quest I, II and III video games. Afterwards, the S.T.A.F.F. bots and entire Pizzaplex shuts down. Gregory then escapes, with Freddy’s head. The post-credits scene shows Vanessa, Gregory and Freddy’s head sitting on a cliff.

Who is Cassie?

A friend of Gregorys. Nothing is solidified about her existence and who she is, if she’s Afton’s daughter, another character’s daughter, etc. She’s related to someone at the Pizzaplex since she makes a comment that the Faz Wrench was like the one her father had. Her relationship to Cassidy is unknown.

image 18 1

How does the security mask work in Ruin? How can you move through solid objects?

The game runs a parallel version of the map. One is the real world and one is the AR world. The AR world map includes the bunny chase sequence whereas the real world map includes the animatronic chase sequence. When you put the mask on, your character is teleported to the other world during the mask sequence and again when you take it off.

The lore behind the mask isn’t revealed yet and why Cassie can move through objects with the mask on isn’t revealed yet. There may be a lot of theories in regards to how it works, but the game doesn’t spell it out. It could be parallel dimensions ala Backrooms or it could just be how the game mechanics work and the mask runs off of remnant and lets you magically move through things.

Can you repair any of the animatronics? What happens if you do?

After defeating Chica you can go back and restore their voice box and restart them. It doesn’t do anything nor does it unlock anything. None of the other animatronics have any kind of recovery easter egg.

What’s the difference between Ennard and the Mimic?

Ennard is from Sister Location and can disguise themselves as a Human. They can mimic voices and are comprised of the Funtime Animatronics who merged into one to attempt to escape in the real ending of Sister Location. Ennard is not the Mimic.

The Mimic is Springtrap, who became Burntrap’s endoskeleton, the remains of William Afton, left abandoned in the PizzaPlex locked away presumably by Gregory and Vanessa using the Glitchtrap virus to hold the Mimic inside, along with lots of concrete. The Mimic is not Ennard.

It’s easy to confuse the two since they both mimic others, but the Mimic is known for wearing costumes while Ennard wears its victims.

That wraps it up for our coverage of FNAF: Security Breach – Ruin’s endings.

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