Tap Titans 2 Tournament Guide

It's time to take it to the next level.

The free-to-play, mobile action RPG Tap Titans 2 has pulled in a huge fanbase that only grows with each passing day. Perhaps the most exciting feature of the game is the tournament aspect.

On every Wednesday and Sunday, Tap Titans 2 holds tournaments between players. The size and rewards for each tournament are based on the each competitors’ Max Potential Stage. If you want to up your game in these exciting brackets, then check out the information provided below.

  • Pay attention to which tournament bonus will be next. The tournament bonuses change out in chronological order. Consequently, you can predict the next tournament’s bonuses by checking what was rewarded in the previous tournament. Check out the tournament reward order down below.
Tournament Rewards
Heavenly Strike, Hand of Midas, and Shadow Clone skills will each be x3 as strong.
x10 gold earned from Chestersons.
You will have 100% chance of receiving multiple fairy rewards.
Taps, Pet Attacks, and Firesword skill will each do x3 damage.
+20% refund on all active skill mana costs.
Amount of relics earned increased by x1.5.
x10 gold from bosses.
Heroes, Clan Ship, and War cry skill will each do x3 damage.
Regenerate +5 additional mana per minute.
Probability type bonuses will increase by x1.2.
  • There are no more stage brackets. While once tournaments were constructed based on stage brackets, players are now placed in tournaments based on their Max Potential Stage.
  • A secret algorithm will determine your Max Potential Stage for tournaments. That being said, it is suggested that you rank you your character as much as possible to reach higher stages within the tournaments. The higher stage you compete within, the more impressive the rewards.
  • Refrain from using your prestige. If you want to farm relics, upgrades and artifacts throughout your tournaments, it is suggested that you avoid entering a prestige until level 600.
  • Optimize your artifact levels. These can make a massive difference to your Max Potiential Stage for tournaments. Check out the artifact optimizer here to help your stage advancement, as provided by
  • Remember that you can always tap with multiple fingers. If you want to boost your DPS, then spamming the screen with multiple finger taps a time is a quick way to eradicate your enemies.
  • Link your Facebook page if you want some free diamonds. You can link your Facebook page to your Tap Titans 2 account for a whopping total of 100 free diamonds.
  • For even more free diamonds, complete the achievements. Within the achievements menu, you will find a series of tasks you can complete for additional diamonds.

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