Dauntless Guide: How to Get the Godhand Exotic War Pike

It's time to up your game in Dauntless.

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Dauntless is a free-to-play RPG game not quite like any other. Slayers within the world are tasked with taking down behemoths that have rampaged their way into the known world. If you want to survive in this cataclysmic adventure, then you are going to need to arm yourself.

What is the Godhand Exotic War Pike?


The Godhand is a deadly weapon in Dauntless. If you want to make it far in this game, then you are going to want to get your hands on this weapon. A war pike, The Godhand is an exotic weapon crafted from rezakiri reagents. It is an end-game weapon, so you will have to complete some tough patrols and pursuits if you want to earn it. That being said, it is well worth the effort. Check out the weapon’s stats down below.

Weapon TypeWar Pike
Damage TypePiercing, Wound
Elemental Power+80 Radiant
Cell SlotsPower Cell, Technique Cell
Total PowerBase Level to +15 level, the power rating ranges from 100 to 550.
Special AbilityChannel a beam that deals increasing damage, up to 200%, while it continues to hit a target.

How Do You Get the Godhand Exotic War Pike?

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If you want to earn The Godhand, you will first have to track down its blueprint. Unfortunately, the blueprint does not always drop. You will have to rely on RNG to get the item. Simply complete Heroic Patrols or the Rezakiri Behemoth hunt until the blueprint finally drops.

Next, you will have to make the epic weapon. In order to do so, you will first need to track down some rare resources. You can see everything you will need within the graph below.

Rezakiri Chitin3
Radiant Aethergem 1
Cracked Biocrystal1
Neutral Furyplate6
Neutral Skullgem 3

In order to find the Rezakiri Chitin, Radiant Aethergem and the Cracked Biocrystal, you will have to farm the Rezakiri Behemoth hunt once again. In order to track down some Neutral Furyplate and Neutral Skullgems, you will have to farm any neutral behemoth that has a threat level of eight or higher.

Of course, this is only enough resources to make the base version of the weapon. If you want to improve the epic item, then you are going to need some more reagents.

What Reagents Do You Need for the Godhand Exotic War Pike?

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If you want to upgrade your epic weapon, then you will need to continually farm the Rezakiri for reagents. You can accomplish this by finishing off the behemoth outright, but also by breaking off certain parts of the creature.

You will, however, need a grand total of 127 dull arcstones, 120 shining arcstones and 150 peerless arcstones if you want to fully upgrade The Godhand. You can simply slay any behemoth or complete patrol hunts for dull arcstones.

However, you will need to hunt behemoths between levels 13 and 16 if you want to farm for shining arcstones. The toughest task will be farming for the peerless arcstones. You will have to slay behemoths of at least level 17 if you want any of these arcstones.

For a full breakdown of what you will need for each upgrade of The Godhand, check out the table provided down below.

The Godhand LevelNecessary Resources for Upgrade
+1Rams (x40), Dull Arcstone (x6)
+2Rams (x60), Dull Arcstone (x8)
+3Rams (x100), Dull Arcstone (x9)
+4Rams (x140), Dull Arcstone (x10)
+5Rams (x160), Dull Arcstone (x11)
+6Rams (x220), Dull Arcstone (x13), Luminescent Chitin (x4), Exoskeletal Plate (x2), Elemental Furytail (x6), Elemental Tailgem (x3)
+7Rams (x240), Dull Arcstone (x14)
+8Rams (x290), Dull Arcstone (x15), Shining Arcstone (x35)
+9Rams (x350), Dull Arcstone (x18), Shining Arcstone (x40)
+10Rams (x400), Dull Arcstone (x23), Shining Arcstone (x50), Cataclysm Shard (x2), Lustrous Tailplate (x3), Elemental Furyplate (x6), Neutral Tailgem (x3)
+11Rams (x600), Peerless Arcstone (x20)
+12Rams (x600), Peerless Arcstone (x25)
+13Rams (x600), Peerless Arcstone (x30)
+14Rams (x600), Peerless Arcstone (x35)
+15Rams (x600), Peerless Arcstone (x40)

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