Risk of Rain 2


Sometimes we just don’t know how to unlock something without doing something random and seeing it unlock. That’s why with the Risk of Rain 2 Unlock Classes Guide, we’ll go over each and every step to get those classes unlocked. The first method, involves simply playing the game while the second method is the cheat method, for those who don’t want to do the legwork. Serious Business Way To unlock: ArtificerCollect 11 Lunar Coin, then pay 1 Lunar Coin to the blue rock that sometimes spawns. Do the short combat event and then choose the lunar teleporter. Pay 10 Lunar Coins to unlockEngineerFinish 30 teleporter events.HuntressDefeat the third teleporter event without dying once.MercenaryKeep playing through the stages until you enter the celestial portal. There sacrifice yourself to the obelisk.MUL-TDefeat the first level’s teleport boss five times in five different games. EZ Mode Go to your Steam user data folder and…