How to Complete All Challenges and Unlock Every Character and Item in Risk of Rain 2

There are a hefty number of challenges, so let's get to work.

When you first start playing Risk of Rain 2, you are only granted a portion of the game’s content. If you really want to up your game, you are going to have to complete some challenges.

Like many other rougelites, Risk of Rain 2 does not immediately shower the player with items and features. You have to earn them piece by piece. The way Risk of Rain 2 has decided to divvy out its features is through these challenges.

You can unlock everything from medkits to new characters by completing these tasks, which can take multiple playthroughs to complete on occasion. That being said, it is certainly not an impossible task. To that end, we have compiled a quick guide to every challenge Risk of Rain 2 has to offer.

What Are the Risk of Rain 2 Challenges?


Within Risk of Rain 2, there are a bevy of challenges you can complete. In total, there are 37 of these tasks waiting to be completed.

Of course, there is more to gain from these challenges than the simple gratification of completing them. Each challenge provides a unique and useful item or character.

If you want to truly make the most out of our Risk of Rain 2 playthrough, then you are going to want to unlock them all. Check out the list below for a breakdown of each challenge, all of the awesome rewards and what you will need to do to earn them.

Keyed UpRusted KeyThe teleporter boss must be defeated within 15 seconds.
NewtistSoulbound CatalystActivate eight different Newt Alters.
Is this BuggedPaul’s Goat HoofThree times in a row, fail the shrine of chance.
Her ConceptsN’kuhana’s OpinionDiscover the N’kuhana alter.
Maybe One MoreBundle of FireworksUse the 3D printer to make the same item seven times in a row.
NaturopathRejuvenation RackComplete the third teleporter event without healing.
The BasicsCrowbarFind 10 unique white items.
The Long Road57 Leaf CloverWithin a single run, finish 20 stages.
Learning ProcessTougher TimeDie a total of five times.
The Demons And The CrabsGesture of the DrownedChase 20 hermit crabs off of the edge of the map.
AdvancementArmor-Piercing RoundsFinish your first teleporter event.
Multikill!Hellfire TinctureKill a total 15 enemies simultaneously.
FlawlessBackup MagazineManage to completely charge a teleporter without being hit a single time.
Moon WorshipperGlowing MeteoriteWithin a single run, carry five lunar items.
Elite SlayerMed KitKill a sinlge elite-type monster.
One with the WoodsGnarled WoodspriteFully upgrade a Shrine of the Woods.
RapidfirePredatory InstinctsGain over a 200% attack speed.
MechanicThe BackupRepair a total 30 turrets or drones.
ExperimentingFuel CellPick up a total of five different equipment types.
BookwormRadar ScannerFind 10 Environment Logs or Monster Logs.
Death Do Us PartRunald’s Band/Kjaro’s BandFind the hidden chamber within the Abandoned Aqueduct.
RedactedPreon AccumulatorOn Rally Point Delta, open the Timed Security Chest.
SlaughterInfusionKill a total 3000 enemies.
AscendantRoyal CapacitorActivate two Shrines of the Mountain and then kill the teleporter bosses.
Prismatically AlignedHarvester’s ScytheFinish a single Prismatic Trial.
FundedThe CrowdfunderGarner 30, 480 gold.
Going Fast RecommendedWax QuailEarn over a 300% move speed.
PauseArtificerLiberate the survivor suspended in time.
Glorious BattleBerzerker’s PauldronFinish charging a teleporter while only having 10% health.
Engineering PerfectionEngineerComplete a total 30 stages.
Deja Vu?Sentient Meat HookRepeat back to the game’s first stage.
WarriorHuntressComplete the third teleporter event without dying.
The Lone SurvivorDio’s Best FriendSurvive for 30 minutes.
VerifiedMUL-TComplete the first teleporter event a total of five times.
MachoUnstable Tesla CoilDeal a total 5,000 damage with a single shot.
True RespiteMercenaryObliterate yourself at the Obelisk.
DeicideBrainstalksKill an elite-boss on Monsoon difficulty.

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