Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted Achievement Guide

Let's get to work.

Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted is a somewhat easy game to complete 100%. That being said, it will take some guidance, as the game can be quite vague when it comes to its achievements.

There are 14 achievements in total, with an extra platinum trophy for PlayStation VR players. You will only have to play the game a single time to earn all of the achievements. However, you will have to hunt down a series of collectible coins and other items.

But, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered. Check out the achievement list down below for details on every challenge you will have to face within the game.

1. I scream. You scream…


“Get jumpscared”

Lose on any level by having an animatronic attack you.

2. Your Special Day!


“Activate the party machine”

Flip the blacklight switch in order to activate blacklight mode.

3. Now I will tell you a story


“Eat a piece of candy”

As stated, you simply need to eat a single piece of candy to unlock this achievement.

4. Showtime!


“Recreate the main stage show”

After completing a level, snag the Freddy, Bonni and Chica action figures at the giftbox.

5. Numismatist


“Find all tokens”

There are thirty tokens in total, with roughly three hidden on each level. A video showing the location of each coin may be viewed below.

6. Play!


“Completed the Prize Corner”

You can earn most of the necessary prizes by simply completing each level. However, you will also need Faz-Tokens for a few of them. A video showing each of the prizes may be viewed below.

7. Let’s Eat!


“Consume all possible edibles in game”

As noted above, you must eat every edible within the game to complete this achievement.

8. Let’s Party!


“Find a hidden token”

You only need to find a single Faz-Token to unlock this achievement. The video below illustrates where you can find each one.

9. Pop goes the weasel…


“Get a jumpscare prize!”

You will have to be confronted by Plushtrap to get this achievement. The monster will randomly appear in place of a prize from a giftbox at the end of any level.

10. Exotic Butters


“Finish the game”

Complete the Pizza Party level.

11. Stay Put!


“That is why you don’t leave the office”

Within the FNAF1 Office, make your way one of the hallways. This will cause Foxy to give you a jumpscare, thereby unlocking the achievement.

12. Rock!


“Strum Bonnie’s guitar”

Once you reach the Bonnie’s Parts and Service level, strum the animatronic’s guitar.

13. Pest Control


“Pull 25 roaches off of Chica”

Pick 25 roaches off of Chica on Chica’s Parts and Service level.

14. Choking Hazard


“For ages 3 and up”

Eat one of the figurines.

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