Idleon Voidwalker / VMan Unlocking Guide

The “VMan” is the third class promotion for the Journeyman “secret class” in Legends of Idleon. It requires a Maestro at level 150 to get started, but you’ll likely need to be into World 5 to really get the character unlock with any speed. It requires all of the first three worlds to have 1,000,000 kills registered along with some other steep requirements. Let’s dig in.

VMan Unlocking Guide

You’ll start by visiting world 4 at level 150 on a Maestro. You should only have one secret Journeyman class character per account ideally. So once your Maestro is level 150, you can begin the quest. Do note, the quest does require a lot of kills which means you may need to wait even longer before you can finish it.

Once you’re level 150, on the right side across from the cooking table is Agent L150 who will start the quest.

image 3
  • Step One: Get 1M death note kills on each monster in W1, W2 and W3 account wide.
  • Step Two: Defeat Chizoar on Chaotic Difficulty.
  • Step Three: Get 12 million green mushroom kills on your Maestro. This is character specific, not account specific.

The quest might not update after each step. For me the ? was greyed out even though I had done the step. You may need to visit the death note to get it to update as well once you’ve got 1M kills in the bag.

I highly warn against rushing this with candy. If you’re still in W4, I’d wait until W5 when you can let your characters out of the lab to let them farm each of the locations all at once and save yourself time. You can also just passively farm everything up.

Note, you’ll need to click the Voidwalker icon THEN click the select class button to get the class.

image 5

Quest Rewards

You’ll get a nametag that any beginner can wear which gives you 30 luk and 10% multikill per tier (tier in the death note). That’s an extremely powerful nametag. You must equip the nametag. It’s going to be very important in the speedrun section.

Prepare also for the first run. We go into more details below but get ready to make the most of your first speedrun. It’ll be on a long reset timer.

About the Voidwalker

Here’s a quick rundown of how the class works. You get to run once a day the void trial rerun. Depending on how many points you put into it (all of them at the start that you can and use a book on it), you get x seconds to run the time trial. Based on how many portals you unlock, you get void talent points. These just give you talent points for the voidwalker. This is critical to level the voidwalker up fast.

The weird chess skill gives you the starting talent points, I had 117 so that was a pretty decent run. The speedrun is a bit tricky since you’ll need to click the portals to keep advancing. There’s no automatic portal entering, you’ll have to click those yourself.

Once you finish your run, you can try again the next day with lots more talent points and a much longer run. I got about 300 talent points my first run.

Getting Maestro to 150 Fast

The thing about VMan is that you need a level 150 Maestro which can be a challenge. Not only is it on the weaker side when it comes to farming, but most Maestros have focused purely on skilling with only the adventuring being left for the handful of skill points a Maestro needed. The best is just to get to W5 as soon as you can; that’s going to be the big boost in boosting your Maestro’s ability to farm XP. While you may want the VMan in W4, it’s more or less going to be the easiest to get at W5. Especially since you can use candy in W4 now.

Voidwalker Talents

Stats given are per level.

Void Trial Rerun
Begin a Speedrun, lasts for 151.5s. Gives 30 Void Talent Pts per portal unlocked from kills.
Mana Cost: 5
Action Time: 1 Seconds
Cooldown: 19 Hours 26 Minutes 50 Seconds

Void Radius
Hits every mob within 252px. Also gives +405% Multikill Per Tier for 20 sec if speedrunning.
Mana Cost: 5
Action Time: 1 Seconds
Cooldown: 40 Seconds

Bossing Vain
Boss kills count as portals. Also, each unique boss kill during the speedrun makes mobs respawn +0.4% faster

Quad Jab
Punches now hit a 4th time for 15% dmg. The other hits do +0.5% more Dmg

Enhancement Eclipse
Enhances a new Talent for another class every 25 points invested, up to 250.

The talents affected are unlocked as follows:

  • Left Hand of Learning: Left Hand of Learning also applies for you, and gives double its bonus to you specifically.
  • Pirate Flag: Plunderous mobs spawn twice as often. Also, if your flag has more than 100 coins, you get a guaranteed Plunder Mob at the cost of 25 coins.
  • Radiant Chainbolt: Radiant Chainbolt loses less dmg every bounce. More specifically, it does 15% less dmg per bounce instead of 25% less per bounce.
  • Sleepin’ On The Job: Sleepin on the Job also counts for Skilling AFK Gains rate, as opposed to just Fighting AFK Gains.
  • Apocalypse Chow: Apocalypse Chow now has ‘Super Chows’ at 100M Blood Berserker kills. Each one gives 1.1x cooking spd on all characters.
  • Whale Wallop: +25 Max to whale summons, and +500px range. Also, all Beast Master kills have a 50% chance to reduce incubator time by 3 sec.
  • Right Hand of Action: Right Hand of Action also applies for you, and gives double its bonus to you specifically.
  • Green Tube: Green Tube now boosts ‘All Skill Exp’ instead of just Lab Exp for all players to the left.
  • Knightly Disciple: Knightly Disciple lasts 20 sec longer than normal.
  • Lucky Charms: Lucky Charms also gives you Skill EXP equal to the Class EXP that LUK gives you.

Power Orb
+0.12% DMG for all characters, for every 50 Class LV they are over 200.

Eternal Str
+2 base STR for all characters. Also +2 max LV to ‘Fist of Rage’

Eternal Agi
+2 base AGI for all characters. Also +2 max LV to ‘Quickness Boots’

Eternal Wis
+2 base WIS for all characters. Also +2 max LV to ‘Book of the Wise’

Eternal Luk
+2 base LUK for all characters. Also +2 max LV to ‘Lucky Horseshoe’

Exp Cultivation
+1.59% Class EXP for all characters.

Voodoo Statufication
All statues give 1% higher Bonuses to all characters

Species Epoch
+0.05% Critters and Souls per combined Trapping and Worship LV above 100

Master Of The System
+0.1% Multikill per tier per 5 maps of Speedrun highscore. Applies to all characters.

Blood Marrow
+0.01% Multiplicative Meal Cooking Spd per total LV of all Meals upgraded on the Dinner Table Menu

Talent Tier List

S Tier

  • Void Trial Rerun (required)
  • Enhancement Eclipse

A Tier

  • Void Radius
  • Exp Cultivation
  • Master Of The System

B Tier

  • Eternal Str
  • Eternal Agi
  • Eternal Wis
  • Eternal Luk
  • Blood Marrow

C Tier

  • Bossing Vain
  • Quad Jab
  • Power Orb
  • Voodoo Statufication
  • Species Epoch

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