Legends of Idleon Sailing Guide

Sailing is a World 5 skill in Legends of Idleon that allows players to send captains out of voyages in the high seas to return with treasure and rarer treasure: ancient artifacts. Sailing, the Slab and Gaming from World 5 should all be high priorities.

There is no multiplayer component to sailing. Sailing is a fully single player activity. You can expect to setup sailing once per day and not have to touch it again until another day (or several hours at a minimum). Sailing is a slow advancing skill that requires no characters to be active on it and any change impacts all characters on the account. No specific character has any specific roll.

Obtaining Captains in Idleon

There’s five tiers of captains, six if you count the base tier. The base tier is a simple sprite with a red cap. Tier 2 is pink with a black cap. Tier 3 is bone white with a grey cap. Tier 4 is blue with an anchor. Tier 5 is a purple ghost and finally tier 6 contains a green leaf like sprite.

These captains can be bought, resetting on the daily reset, on the right side of the pier.

Idleon Sailing Basics

You need a captain and a boat, both bought with treasure (gold) from the voyages. The first is free and after that you’ll need to use treasure to unlock more. Each new ship has upgrades, using a very complicated formula of “more upgrades = more resources needed.” Ships can be upgraded to hold more and travel faster using treasure. The first few ships use gold, after that it they use treasure from the different islands you can visit.

  • Buy boats and captains.
  • Put a captain in the bot by clicking the boat on the pier.
  • Send the boats out using the sailing map. First to clouds to uncover an island than the island itself.
  • When you visit the map your ships will deposit their loot.
  • Later, when you have a specific artifact (listed below), you can filter which tier chests drop to make sure you’re not filling up on low quality chests after not playing awhile.

Captain and Ship Slot Costs

The below data is how much each update is for ships and captains. The first 8 ships should be a priority, the rest you won’t be able to upgrade fast enough to make rushing to them worth it.

Captain Slots0692627341,7833,9808,38216,92533,08363,030
Ship Slots01174601,3323,3457,70116,71334,72569,782136,559
Captain Slots117,603215,656389,721695,5301,227,9442,147,5113,724,5456,412,05710,966,00718,643,001
Ship Slots261,531491,968911,5461,667,2413,015,4635,400,8249,590,05116,898,83329,574,70851,441,304
Table showing the costs of captain and ship slots. Both are bought with gold, from treasures.

Destinations and Distance

It’ll take a very long time starting at Cloudy Quay to upgrade to new islands. Don’t forget to send ships to get started, as new islands = new artifacts.

NameRoute DistanceCloud UnlockCaptain EXPPossible Relics
Safari Island25102Moai Head, Maneki Kat, Ruble Cuble, Fauxory Tusk
Beachy Coast1002006Gold Relic, Genie Lamp, Silver Ankh
Isolated Woods25080010Emerald Relic, Fun Hippoete
Rocky Peaks1,0006,00020Arrowhead, 10 AD Tablet, Ashen Urn
Stormy North3,00030 K30Amberite, Triagulon, Billcye Tri
Snowy South10 K120 K55Frost Relic, Chilled Yarn
Toxic Bay Inc25 K400 K85Causticolumn, Jade Rock
Candied Island100 K2 M150Dreamcatcher, Gummy Orb
Fungi Meadows300 K8 M300Fury Relic
Cloudy Quay1 M30 M600Cloud Urn, Weatherbook
Dungeon Cove2 M60 M900Giants Eye
Crystal Enclave5 M120 M1500Crystal Steak
Petulent Garage15 M400 M3000Trilobite Rock
Isle of Note40 M1.2 B5000Opera Mask, Socrates
The Edge100 M2 B10000The True Lantern

Ancient Artifacts in Idleon Sailing

Ancient artifacts are unlocked by a rare chance per chest open . The first time the artifact drops, you obtain the base effect. The second time you obtain the ancient effect. The only way to farm for any one particular artifact is just to send your entire fleet of ships to that island, assuming they all have enough speed to make it worth their time.

Ruble Cube is what lets you basically advance through world 5 with enough damage. The Fury Relic is a game changer, allowing higher skills.

NameEffectAncient EffectIsland
Moai HeadGet bonuses from all shrines from any map! You must be in same map/world to level them up though.All shrines level up +100% faster!Safari Island
Maneki Kat+2% coins from all monsters per class level of your highest leveled character.The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Safari Island
Ruble Cuble+1% Total Dmg for every 10 items found after 500, as shown at The Slab.The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Safari Island
Fauxory Tusk+1% artifact find chance per sailing LV.The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Safari Island
Gold RelicAll 3d printer samples grow by +1% per day for 40 days. Resets when taking a sample. Bonus shown in 3d Printer.Samples grow by 1.5% for 60 days instead!Beachy Coast
Genie Lamp+2% loot value from sailing chests per Sailing Lv.The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Beachy Coast
Silver AnkhUnlocks a new Post Office crate to spend P.O. boxes on! Box is for sailing.25% chance for +1 box when completing post office orders!Beachy Coast
Emerald RelicConvert treasures into gold bars! Go see Blobby G, the goldbar blobulyte, on the docks for info. His deals are generally really good.Get 1.30x more gold bars from converting!Isolated Woods
Fun Hippoete+6% total dmg per power of 10 Construction Build Rate.The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Isolated Woods
ArrowheadEnables you to manage which chest rarities your captains deliver! Helps declutter your loot pile.1.25x higher chance to get rare chests!Rocky Peaks
10 AD Tablet+4% Sailing Speed for every 10 items found after 500, as shown at The Slab.The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Rocky Peaks
Ashen Urn+1% Divinity gain per class level of your highest leveled character, up to Lv 200.Applies up to character level 400 instead!Rocky Peaks
AmberiteThe lab bonus ‘No Bubble Left Behind’ affects +1 more bubbles!Affects +1 additional bubbles per day!Stormy North
Triagulon+15% cooking speed per power of 10 Turkey owned.The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Stormy North
Billcye TriUnlocks a new Post Office crate to spend P.O. boxes on!25% chance for +1 box when completing post office orders!Stormy North
Frost Relic+30% Efficiency for all skills in World 1, World 2, and World 3!The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Snowy South
Chilled YarnAll the Sigils in alchemy give 2x their displayed bonus.The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Snowy South
Causticolumn+10 Max Level for all cooking meals. Jade plates here we come!The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Toxic Bay Inc
Jade Rock+3% Divinity for every 10 items found after 500, as shown at The Slab.The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Toxic Bay Inc
DreamcatcherYour loot pile can hold +2 more sailing chests at once! What a dream situation!The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Candied Island
Gummy Orb+15% bits for every 10 items found after 500, as shown at The Slab.The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Candied Island
Fury Relic+25 Max Talent Book LV at the library.The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Fungi Meadows
Cloud UrnUnlocks a new Post Office crate to spend P.O. boxes on!25% chance for +1 box when completing post office orders!Cloudy Quay
Weatherbook+10% bits gained in the Gaming Garden per gaming lv.The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Cloudy Quay
Giants Eye+25% shiny pet breed chance per day. Stacks until successfully breeding a shiny!The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Dungeon Cove
Crystal Steak+2% total damage per 100 main stat, STR AGI WIS or LUK based on your class.The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Crystal Enclave
Trilobite Rock+25% multikill per damage tier.The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Petulent Garage
Opera Mask+1% total damage per power of 10 gold bars owned in sailing.The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Isle of Note
Socrates+10% all stats. STR, AGI, WIS and LUK.The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!Isle of Note
The True Lantern+15% total dmg per power of 10 Particles owned in atom collider.The artifact’s main bonus is doubled!The Edge

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