Legends of Idleon MMO


This guide will help you understand which classes are the best (and worst) in Legends of Idleon, which order to choose for your characters and exactly why. This is something that actually determines how well you’ll do in the entire game and how much you can advance because each of the classes are much more proficient in some resources than others. The Class Tier List S Tier: WarriorA Tier: MageB Tier: ArcherC Tier: Journeyman / Beginner So let’s break this down. The warrior should be your first class that you make because it’s going to be focused on mining, the first really important resource for you and it’ll be really good at farming something you’ll want to pour a lot of your resources into for your first character. Warriors do a multi-swing attack in melee, making them a lot more effective at farming actively than Mages and Archers, who attack…