Legends of IdleOn Island Expedition Guide

Get to level 30 fishing and find a new place to idle at!

When you first unlock the third dock area, Deepwater Docks, you’ll gain access to Island Expeditions in Legends of Idleon. It’s IMPERATIVE that you unlock the islands in the order that you want them in the most first. You only get about 4 island scrolls a day, so every 10 days is 40 scrolls.

We’ll give you our recommend unlock list but remember that each unlock increases the total cost. You’re going to want to be careful about the order you unlock the islands.

Deepwater Docks unlocks with 30 fishing skill. You’ll need 30 fishing skill to get started.

Island Tier List

The best Island to unlock first is going to be difficult to recommend, but I’d definitely go for something more expensive first. Fractal Island has a long build time, especially for free players, so I’d think about going that route first. Trash Island increases the number of bottles and is often going to be a first recommendation, but it’s also the cheapest island. Toughing it out a bit and farming bottles for a few expensive ones might be better than building trash up.

Seasalt Island gives you a new item / card that’s not usable until World 6. Crystal Island has no benefit (especially later in the game) and can be unlocked last. Rando Island gives you a way to spend bottles, so it is less important. Trash, Shimmer and Fractal islands should be your first unlocks.

The developer kind of shares the order:

You wanna know more? Uh well yea so, I’d recommend to avoid Crystal Island unless you REALLY like killing crystal mobs, and also avoid Seasalt island until World 6 comes out. Also, shimmer island is my favorite island!


See our class tier list if you’re looking to take on shimmer’s DPS challenges.

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Trash Island

Here you can gather trash to trade in. Trash respawns daily. You get about 15 trash a day.

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Rando Island

A random event happens here daily. You can also exchange bottles for bonuses.

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Seasalt Island

You can find the Icefish and its card here.

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Shimmer Island

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You get shimmers by having specific stats. Come back when the timer resets (weekly) to get more shimmers.

Crystal Island

This island has crystal mobs that spawn daily. Defeating them drops time candy.


Fractal Island

On this island, you use Time Candy or just regular “AFK time” to build up “nothing hours” which grant rewards.

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