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Diablo 4 Class Tier List – 2023

Diablo IV is a powerhouse of top down clicking loot harvesting demon slaying mania and you can do so with a selection of classes. The question is, which class is the most optimal and then what would be the primary core skill? Let’s take a look at our top picks for the wanderer in Diablo IV.

This list assumes playing solo, since group dynamics can make up for a lot of weaknesses and turn a lot of eh builds into something stronger. Since there’s so few classes in Diablo 4, we’ll break it down to a tier per class.

S Tier

Necromancer (Bone)

The Necromancer’s minion builds are strong in the first 50 levels, but towards the endgame you’ll be thankful to take the bar space back and choose from some powerful abilities instead of taking the golden along. Right now, the bone abilities like bone spear make the Necromancer borderline broken, along with their survivability and distance. Corpse Explosion is also comically strong due to the corpse generation mechanic.

A Tier

Sorcerer (Mixed Magic)

I had to switch Sorcerer and Barbarian on the list a few times but choose Sorcerer just because it’s a much easier to play class. The Sorcerer is easy to play, has a ton of damage, a strong teleport ability that makes moving around a breeze and generally favorable builds.

They also benefit from playing with going across multiple spec trees and having lots of effective fun at being whatever they want to be. While Druids have this flexibility too, Sorcerers make it rather easy to utilize.

B Tier

Barbarian (Thorns)

The Necromancer, Sorcerer and Barbarian all don’t really require luck to be good at what they do. The Barbarian is unkillable and outputs an intense amount of damage across the entire screen. The only reason they come in below the Sorcerer is that you don’t have teleport by default.

Leveling is a lot different than playing endgame content. Don’t hesitate to play something that’s easy to level the first 50 levels and then reset your skills. It costs gold, but not that much.

C Tier

Druid (Wolf Companion)

The Druid is cool, it has lots of builds. It’s kind of hard to play though and getting maximum DPS will be its own meta for Druids.

D Tier

Rogue (Poison Trap)

Rogues are just not very survivable and kind of hard to play. They’re fun and they can do damage and there’s nothing wrong with them. It’s just that unlike the Necro, Barb and Sorc they can’t just be played without any gear and do well. They need legendaries, like the Druid does. Their builds are also kind of limited right now.

All classes do kind of the same amount of damage, generally, so you have all of the melee that a Barbarian has without any survability. That puts it in D tier.

In conclusion, every class in the game is pretty much the same no matter what you choose, but some classes are more optimal than others and are easier to get that damage out of. We’re putting Necromancer on top and Rogues at the bottom as of right now.

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