Diablo IV Leveling Guide – Best XP Farm 2023

There are two choices to get xp fast in Diablo 4 and it depends entirely on what you want to do. You can do the campaign which is a necessary and required component to playing your first character. At certain points in the story you may need to level up to continue or you may be ready to grind out your levels, either way we’ve got the best farm location and XP gaining tips. If you’ve already done the story you can skip the campaign again and just focus on leveling, meaning you need somewhere to farm without having to move around and do a lot.

In this guide we’ll go over the important steps to optimize XP, but first let’s talk about getting that XP. After all you probably already know to turn it to world tier II from the start and play on the highest world tier. This guide works for all classes, from the best to the worst.

Anica’s Claim: Diablo IV’s XP Farm Spot

Similar to the cow level early in Diablo II (Baal later on) and Tristam runs in Diablo III, there’s a spot that you can sit and farm endlessly for XP, gold and loot. It’s called Anica’s Claim and it’s available very early in the game. It’s so easy to do and quick to reset. Here’s a step by step guide to unlock this amazing XP farm.

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Unlocking Anica’s Claim

  • Go east out of Kyovashad. You’ll want to go either south a smidge or north a smidge.
  • Clear the stronghold “Malnok Stronghold.” This requires taking out a few named enemies then a boss. Once complete, the dungeon is accessible.
  • There is no waypoint, but it’s a short ride on horse.

Running Anica’s Claim

  • Go in the circle collecting animus from animus carriers. They drop 3 globes each usually, so make sure to collect it all to avoid running the loop.
  • Go into the next area and either find the statue or the door. Once you find one, the other is close by.
  • Defeat the last boss.
  • Reset the dungeon, have the party leader leave the dungeon and the party and reinvite everyone. If you’re solo, just leave dungeon and then wait a few minutes for it to reset.

Each animus carrier has a pretty high drop chance and then you’ll get the last boss dropping big time loot too.

Each pre-level 50 run will grant about a level! Each run takes about 10 minutes or less.

Diablo IV Leveling Guide

To get to level 50 quickly, you can also just run the campaign with the big time XP modifiers running. That’s going to be:

  • World Tier II (higher after 50)
  • An Elixir (5% XP)
  • Group with other players for the nearby player bonus. They do not have to be in your party.
  • Do dungeons, side quests, campaign quests, events and strongholds for large XP awards.
  • Grab every shrine possible.
  • Unlock world tier III by finishing the campaign. Unlock world tier IV by finishing the Falling Temple Capstone dungeon.
  • Level 70 run nightmare dungeons until level 100.

Everything you do gives you something in Diablo games, so once more in Diablo IV if you’re doing something you’ll get XP. The question is what you’re doing optimal and honestly this time around pretty much everything is. If you’re doing something that’s part of your journal on the right, then odds are it’s going to cash out for you in terms of leveling up.

Quite honestly the best way to level a new character up is to just run through the acts as fast as you can. You’ll likely hit a few level stops if you rush hard enough – the enemies match your level so it honestly doesn’t matter if you run through everything and ignore the mobs and just face the boss. It’s not like gear matters at level 15 or 20.

At endgame all the same advice applies. Even nightmare dungeons run the same basic pace of you get more XP with friends, they give a lot of XP for finishing them, elixirs help, etc. At level 70 you’ll want to just grind only nightmare dungeons from there due to the efficiency of the process.

Hopefully this helps you get up to speed on how to powerlevel in Diablo IV and get you and your friends to level 100 fast. Though do remember, part of the fun is the journey. So don’t fret about getting through the content too quickly. Diablo IV is a massive game with a lot of replayability. Have fun in Sanctuary!

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